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A simple flow-based testing framework

Project description

usage: testflo [options]

positional arguments:
test A test method, test case, module, or directory to run.
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-c FILE, --config FILE
 Path of config file where preferences are specified.
-t FILE, --testfile FILE
 Path to a file containing one testspec per line.
--maxtime TIME_LIMIT
 Specifies a time limit in seconds for tests to be saved to the file.
-n NUM_PROCS, --numprocs NUM_PROCS
 Number of processes to run. By default, this will use the number of CPUs available. To force serial execution, specify a value of 1.
-o FILE, --outfile FILE
 Name of test report file. Default is testflo_report.out.
-v, --verbose Include testspec and elapsed time in screen output. Also shows all stderr output, even if test doesn’t fail
--compact Limit output to a single character for each test.
--dryrun Don’t actually run tests, but print which tests would have been run.
--pre_announce Announce the name of each test before it runs. This can help track down a hanging test. This automatically sets -n 1.
-f, --fail Save failed tests to file.
--full_path Display full test specs instead of shortened names.
-i, --isolated Run each test in a separate subprocess.
--nompi Force all tests to run without MPI. This can be useful for debugging.
-x, --stop Stop after the first test failure, or as soon as possible when running concurrent tests.
-s, --nocapture
 Standard output (stdout) will not be captured and will be written to the screen immediately.
--coverage Perform coverage analysis and display results on stdout
 Perform coverage analysis and display results in browser
--coverpkg PKG Add the given package to the coverage list. You can use this option multiple times to cover multiple packages.
--cover-omit FILE
 Add a file name pattern to remove it from coverage.
-b, --benchmark
 Specifies that benchmarks are to be run rather than tests, so only files starting with “benchmark_” will be executed.
-d FILE, --datafile FILE
 Name of benchmark data file. Default is benchmark_data.csv.
--noreport Don’t create a test results file.
-m GLOB, --match GLOB, --testmatch GLOB
 Pattern to use for test discovery. Multiple patterns are allowed.
--timeout TIMEOUT
 Timeout in seconds. Test will be terminated if it takes longer than timeout. Only works for tests running in a subprocess (MPI and isolated).

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