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Sphinx extensions for working with LaTeX math

Project description

texext contains a couple of Sphinx extensions for working with LaTeX math.


math_dollar replaces math expressions between dollars in ReST with equivalent inline math.

For example:

Here is some math: $a = 2$

will be replaced by:

Here is some math: :math:`a = 2`

The extension makes some effort not to replace dollars that aren’t meant as math, but please check your output carefully, and submit an issue on the texext issue tracker if we have messed up.

To enable math_dollar, make sure that the texext package is on your Python path, and add texext.math_dollar to your list of extensions in the Sphinx If you want math_dollar to process docstrings, you should add sphinx.ext.autodoc higher up your extensions list than math_dollar.

mathcode directive

Users of sympy may want to generate LaTeX expressions dynamically in Sympy, and then render them in LaTeX in the built pages. You can do this with the mathcode directive:

.. mathcode::

    import sympy
    a, b = sympy.symbols('a, b')
    a * 10 + 2 * b

The directive runs sympy.latex() on the return result of the final expression, and embeds it in a .. math:: directive, resulting in equivalent output to sphinx of:

.. math::

    10 a + 2 b

Context (namespace) is preserved by default, so you can use context in subsequent directives, e.g.:

.. mathcode::

    a * 5 + 3 * b

If the last expression in the mathcode block is not an expression, the context gets updated, but the extension generates no math directive to the output. This allows you to have blocks that fill in calculations without rendering to the page. For example, this generates no output:

.. mathcode::

    expr = a * 4

You can use the generated context in a later directive:

.. mathcode::


To reset the context (namespace), use the newcontext option:

.. mathcode::

    import sympy  # again

If you would like mathcode to share a namespace with the matplotlib plot_directive, set the following in your

# Config of mathcode directive
mathcode_use_plot_ns = True

If you are using Nb2plots for your plots, and you want Mathcode to share a namespace with the Nb2plots plot directive, you will need to specify the Nb2plots plot context directly:

# Config of mathcode directive
mathcode_use_plot_ns = True
mathcode_plot_context = 'nb2plots.nbplots.plot_context'

More generally if you want to work with a customized version of the plot_directive, you need to supply the name of the plot context dictionary for the plot directive, as a string. For example, if you have a custom plot directive module importable as import my_path.plot_directive, with the plot context in my_path.plot_directive.plot_context, then your should have lines like these:

# Config of mathcode directive
mathcode_plot_context = "my_path.plot_directive.plot_context"

The plot context is a string rather than the attribute itself in order to let sphinx pickle the configuration between runs. This allows sphinx to avoid building pages that have not changed between calls to sphinx-build.

To enable the mathcode directive, make sure that the texext package is on your Python path, and add textext.mathcode to your list of extensions in the Sphinx



Released under the BSD two-clause license - see the file LICENSE in the source distribution.

travis-ci kindly tests the code automatically under Python versions 2.7, and 3.6 through 3.8.

The latest released version is at


Please put up issues on the texext issue tracker.

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