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TEXTA Entity Linker

Project description


pip install


Texta EntityLinker servers as a method to link together multiple entities in the form of Texta Facts to create a more concrete and united profile of the personal information which exists in the processed text.

This process will ONLY work on documents which have been previously processed by Texta MLP and contain the "BOUNDED" type Facts.

In addition, the EntityLinker needs an abbreviations.json file which contains key-value pairs of institutions shorthand name and full name. This package comes with a base file which it uses by default but it is always possible to change it by giving the class a filepath of the file you wish to use.

This package has no support for applying Texta MLP, you need to install the package by yourself or apply it on already processed documents.


Create an instance the class:

from texta_entitylinker.entity_linker import EntityLinker

# Using the built-in abbreviations.json file.
c = EntityLinker()

# or inserting the file by path.
c = EntityLinker(abbr_file="/home/texta/abbreviations.json")

Prepare the input you wish to parse:

Letter 1:

Dear all, 

Let`s not forget that I intend to concure the whole of Persian Empire!

Best wishes,
Alexander Great
phone: 76883266

Letter 2:

От: Terry Pratchett < >
Кому: Joe Abercrombie < >
Название: Разъяснение

Дорогой Joe,

Как вы? Надеюсь, у тебя все хорошо. Последний месяц я писал свой новый роман, 
который обещал представить в начале лета. Я тоже немного почитал и обожаю твою 
новую книгу!

Я просто хотел уточнить, что Alexander Great жил в Македонии.


Letter 3:

Dear Terry!

Terry Pratchett already created Discworld. This name is taken. Other than that I found 
the piece fascanating and see great potential in you! I strongly encourage you to take 
action in publishing your works. Btw, if you would like to show your works to Pratchett 
as well, he`s interested. I talked about you to him. His email is 
Feel free to write him!


From: Terry Berry < >
To: Joe Abercrombie < >
Title: Question

Hi Joe,

I finally finished my draft and I`m sending it to you. The hardest part 
was creating new places. What do you think of the names of the places I created?

Terry Berry

Process input through the Texta MLP package:

from texta_mlp.mlp import MLP

# This folder should contain all the MLP associated models and data.
# If they don't exists, it will download them and store it at paths location,
# creating directories as needed.

# All the inputs must be processed one by one.
m = MLP(resource_dir="/home/texta/mlp_data")
mlp_analysis = m.process(letter_1)

This process does the basic Entity parsing and creates the BOUNDED facts needed for the entity linking process:

  'doc_path': 'text.text',
  'fact': 'EMAIL',
  'lemma': None,
  'spans': '[[114, 142]]',
  'str_val': ''

  'doc_path': 'text.text',
  'fact': 'LOC',
  'lemma': None,
  'spans': '[[67, 81]]',
  'str_val': 'Persian Empire'

  'doc_path': 'text.text',
  'fact': 'BOUNDED',
  'lemma': "{'PER': ['Alexander Great'], 'EMAIL': "
           "[''], 'PHONE': ['76883266']}",
  'spans': '[[98, 113], [114, 142], [151, 159]]',
  'str_val': "{'PER': ['Alexander Great'], 'EMAIL': "
             "[''], 'PHONE': ['76883266']}"

  'doc_path': 'text.text',
  'fact': 'NAMEMAIL',
  'lemma': None,
  'spans': '[[98, 142]]',
  'str_val': 'Alexander Great'

  'doc_path': 'text.text',
  'fact': 'PHONE',
  'lemma': None,
  'spans': '[[151, 159]]',
  'str_val': '76883266'

Load the batch into the EntityLinker:

# Note that the full result of the MLP process is necessary, 
# not only the texta_facts dictionary.
c.from_json([mlp_letter_1, mlp_letter_2, mlp_letter_3])

Trigger the process for entity linking:

# On larger datasets, this might take a long time.

Miscellaneous information:

You can check the length of the database lists and the content with functions:

  • cn._just_pers_infos() (type "close_persons", persons appearing close in letter(s)),
  • cn._bounded() (the original unconcatenated bounded),
  • cn._unsure_infos() (type "unsure_whose_entities", enities that have >=2 candidate persons, not sure to whom it belongs),
  • cn._no_personas_infos() (type "no_per_close_entities", entities appearing close in letter(s) without persons nearby),
  • cn._persona_infos() (type "person_info", the real deal, entities with its person).


After the .link_entities() function has finished its job, you can view the full results of the entity linking with:


    {"type": "person_info", "PER": "Alexander Great", "LOC": ["Македония", "Persian Empire"], "EMAIL": [""], "PHONE": ["76883266"]}
    {"type": "person_info", "PER": "Joe Abercrombie", "EMAIL": [""]}
    {"type": "person_info", "PER": "Terry Berry", "EMAIL": [""]}
    {"type": "person_info", "PER": "Terry Pratchett", "EMAIL": [""]}

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