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Keras (TensorFlow v2) reimplementation of ViT models.

Project description


Keras (TensorFlow v2) reimplementation of Vision Transformer model.


pip install tfvit


Default usage (without preprocessing):

from tfvit import ViTBase32384  # + 11 other variants and input preprocessing

model = ViTBase32384()  # by default will download imagenet[21k]-pretrained weights

Custom classification (with preprocessing):

from tf_keras import layers, models
from tfvit import ViTBase32224

inputs = layers.Input(shape=(224, 224, 3), dtype='uint8')
outputs = ViTBase32224(include_top=False)(inputs)
outputs = layers.Dense(100, activation='softmax')(outputs)

model = models.Model(inputs=inputs, outputs=outputs)


Code simplification:

  • Pretrain input height and width are always equal
  • Patch height and width are always equal


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