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categories management system for web applications in turbogears2

Project description

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About tgapp-categories
This pluggable allow you to manage (create, read, update, delete)
categories on a website.

Since version 0.4.0 categories can now be nested, categories have ``children``, ``brothers``, ``descendants``, ``parent`` properties.
If you installed a previous version using sqlalchemy then you need to run the migration with ``gearbox migrate-pluggable tgappcategories upgrade``

There are 2 images associated to every category

This pluggable application works with both sqlalchemy and ming


tgapp-categories can be installed both from pypi or from github::

pip install tgappcategories

should just work for most of the users

Plugging tgapp-categories

In your application *config/* import **plug**::

from tgext.pluggable import plug

Then at the *end of the file* call plug with tgappcategories::

plug(base_config, 'tgappcategories', 'categories')

You will be able to access the plugged application at

This pluggable creates a Permission named 'tgappcategories', that has to be assigned
to the categories management users group.
You can assign it with a migration or evolution, using alembic or tgext.evolve

example of an evolution with tgext.evolve and ming::

class TgappCategories(Evolution):
"""Assigns the tgappcategories permission to Managers"""
evolution_id = 'tgapp-categories'

def evolve(self):'TgappCategories migration running')

g_managers = model.Group.query.find({'group_name': 'managers'}).one()

p_tgappcategories = model.Permission.query.find(
{'permission_name': 'tgappcategories'}).one()
p_tgappcategories.groups = [g_managers]

This pluggable **needs** depot in order to work
you can find depot at
after you inserted depot into your project configure a storage called ``category_images``

app_cfg['depot_backend_type'] = ''
app_cfg['depot.category_images.backend'] = ''
app_cfg['depot.category_images.prefix'] = 'category_images/'
storages = {
'category_images': 'category_image',
for storage in storages:
prefix = 'depot.%s.' % storage
print('Configuring Storage %s*' % prefix)
DepotManager.configure(storage, app_cfg, prefix)
DepotManager.alias(storages[storage], storage)

Available Hooks

tgapp-cateogries exposes some hooks to configure it's behavior, The hooks that can be used with TurboGears2 register_hook are:
* **categories.after_update(category, kwargs) -> Runs after a category is updated.

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