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Telegram plugin-based bot

Project description

tgbotplug is meant to be an easy-to-extend telegram bot built around twx.botapi.

Using tgbotplug, after choosing/developing your plugins, is as simple as:

import tgbot


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  1. Documentation

  2. VirtualLife Examples


Plugins should inherit tgbot.pluginbase.TGPluginBase and implement list_commands() (and the methods mapped in its result).

Documentation is a bit scarse (== None) at the moment so please focus on the plugin examples and the VirtualLife Examples for now!

VirtualLife Examples

  • PriberamBot - uses webhooks, inline queries, packaged for Heroku

  • ButtieBot - uses webhooks, sends photos, packaged for OpenShift

  • EuromillionsBot - uses webhooks, inline queries, packaged for OpenShift

  • PushItBot - uses webhooks, extends tgbotplug Bottle app for extra routes, packaged for OpenShift

  • IndieShuffleBot - uses webhooks, sends audio, packaged for OpenShift

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tgbotplug-1.2.12.tar.gz (26.9 kB view hashes)

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