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Tool deletes all your messages from chat/channel/conversation on Telegram.

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TgEraser is a Python tool that allows you to delete all your messages from a chat, channel, or conversation on Telegram without requiring admin privileges. Official Telegram clients do not provide a one-click solution to delete all your messages; instead, you have to manually select and delete messages, with a limit of 100 messages per batch. TgEraser solves this problem and offers a convenient way to mass-delete your messages on Telegram.


pip install tgeraser

To use TgEraser, you'll need to provide api_id and api_hash, which you can obtain from here.

There are two methods to define api_id and api_hash:

  1. Set them as environment variables (TG_API_ID and TG_API_HASH).
  2. Allow the tool to prompt you for input during execution, with an option to save the credentials in a credentials.json file located in the same directory as the sessions (by default, ~/.tgeraser/).


TgEraser deletes all your messages from a chat, channel, or conversation on Telegram without requiring admin privileges.

    tgeraser [(session <session_name>) --entity-type TYPE -l NUM [-d PATH] -p PEER_ID] | [-k]
    tgeraser session <session_name> -p PEER_ID -t STRING
    tgeraser session <session_name> -w [--entity-type TYPE]
    tgeraser -h | --help
    tgeraser --version

    -d --directory PATH         Specify a directory where your sessions are stored. [default: ~/.tgeraser/]
    -w --wipe-everything        Delete all messages from all entities of a certain type that you have in your dialog list.
    --entity-type TYPE          Available types: any, chat, channel, user. [default: chat]
    -p --peers PEER_ID          Specify certain peers by comma (chat/channel/user).
    -l --limit NUM              Show a specified number of recent chats.
    -t --time-period STRING     Specify a period for an infinite loop to run messages deletion every X seconds/minutes/hours/days/weeks.
                                Example: --time-period "3*days" OR --time-period "5*seconds"
    -k --kill                   Terminate existing background TgEraser processes (only for Unix-like OS).
    -h --help                   Show this screen.
    --version                   Show version.

Executing the tool without options will guide you through the creation of your first user session. After that you can create sessions for multiple users using the tgeraser session <new_session_name> command.


If you have any issues or suggestions, please feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request.

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