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Provides debug toolbar for TurboGears2

Project description

About Debug Toolbar

tgext.debugbar provides a Debug Toolbar for TurboGears2 framework.

Exposed sections are:

  • Controller and Rendering time reporting

  • Controller Profiling

  • Request Parameters, Headers, Attributes and Environ

  • SQLAlchemy Queries reporting and timing

  • Explain and Show result of performed SQLAlchemy queries

  • List mounted controllers, their path and exposed methods

  • Log Messages


tgext.debugbar can be installed both from pypi or from bitbucket:

easy_install tgext.debugbar

should just work for most of the users

Using it with Pluggables

Like any other pluggable extension, the debugbar can be activated through the pluggables interface inside your

from tgext.pluggable import plug
plug(base_config, 'tgext.debugbar')

The debugbar will then check for the debug config option disabling itself when it is false.

Using it without pluggable

While the pluggables interface makes convenient to pass options to the debugbar, you might want to avoid using it for various reasons. In such cases you can enable the debugbar by adding the following lines to your project

from tgext.debugbar import enable_debugbar

Enabling Logs

Whenever your response is JSON or an ajax request, or any other kind of content which is not a plain HTML page, the debugbar bar is not injected inside your response. This is to prevent it from messing with your output when it would probably break things.

There are cases when you might be interested in getting access to some informations from the debugbar even when your output is not HTML. For example your might be interested in knowing which queries have been performed to retrieve your JSON response.

To enable logging such informations you can pass the enable_logs=True option to the plug call which activates the debugbar.

Inventing Mode

The DebugBar provides the inventing mode, such feature is inspired by the Inventing On Principle to speed up experimenting and prototyping with your website. Whenever the inventing mode is enable your web page will automatically update when you change it, being it a controller, template or css change.

The inventing mode can be enabled by passing the inventing=True option to the plug call which activates the debugbar.

If you want to disable inventing mode for CSS files, you can enable the inventing mode and then pass the inventing_css=False option.

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