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ThaiXtransformers: Use Pretraining RoBERTa based Thai language models from VISTEC-depa AI Research Institute of Thailand.

Project description


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Use Pretraining RoBERTa based Thai language models from VISTEC-depa AI Research Institute of Thailand.

Fork from vistec-AI/thai2transformers.

This project build the tokenizer and preprocessing data for RoBERTa models from VISTEC-depa AI Research Institute of Thailand.

Paper: WangchanBERTa: Pretraining transformer-based Thai Language Models


pip install thaixtransformers



from thaixtransformers import Tokenizer

If you use models, you should load model by model name.

Tokenizer(model_name) -> Tokeinzer


from thaixtransformers import Tokenizer
from transformers import pipeline
from transformers import AutoModelForMaskedLM

tokenizer = Tokenizer("airesearch/wangchanberta-base-wiki-newmm")
model = AutoModelForMaskedLM.from_pretrained("airesearch/wangchanberta-base-wiki-newmm")

classifier = pipeline("fill-mask",model=model,tokenizer=tokenizer)
print(classifier("ผมชอบ<mask>มาก ๆ"))
# output:
#    [{'score': 0.05261131376028061,
#  'token': 6052,
#  'token_str': 'อินเทอร์เน็ต',
#  'sequence': 'ผมชอบอินเทอร์เน็ตมากๆ'},
# {'score': 0.03980604186654091,
#  'token': 11893,
#  'token_str': 'อ่านหนังสือ',
#  'sequence': 'ผมชอบอ่านหนังสือมากๆ'},
#    ...]


If you want to preprocessing data before training model, you can use preprocess.

from thaixtransformers.preprocess import process_transformers

process_transformers(str) -> str


from thaixtransformers.preprocess import process_transformers

print(process_transformers("สวัสดี   :D"))
# output: 'สวัสดี<_>:d'

BibTeX entry and citation info

      title={WangchanBERTa: Pretraining transformer-based Thai Language Models}, 
      author={Lalita Lowphansirikul and Charin Polpanumas and Nawat Jantrakulchai and Sarana Nutanong},

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