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Generates report showing where dependencies affect your project

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thaw is a command line tool that identifies precisely where project dependencies are used. It is designed to help with CI and with general project updates by providing a roadmap of where dependency updates would impact your project.

By default thaw looks at the project's requirements.txt file, and there are also options to search for dependencies based on import statements or to only report where specific libraries are used.

See planned features and progress here.

Requires Python 3. Not compatible with Python 2. Tested with Python 3.7/3.8


You can install thaw with pip and PyPI:

$ pip3 install thaw


thaw takes one positional argument, the root/top level of your project directory.

Running thaw with its default settings will look through your requirements.txt file and print a report of where they're used to stdout:

$ python3 -m thaw .

You can write the report to a .txt file with the --out flag. This creates a timestamped file in the location you specify:

python3 -m thaw . ---out /put/report/here

By default, the report will have filepaths relative to the project's root directory and line numbers for each affected file. You can have the report include the line content by using the --verbose flag:

python3 -m thaw . --verbose

If you have no requirements.txt file or if you want to get a report on where all dependencies are used, use the --imports flag:

python3 -m thaw . --imports

Alternatively, if you want to search for one or several libraries in particular, use the --library flag and enter the names of the libraries separated by spaces:

python3 -m thaw . --library pandas numpy

Example report

	*library1                                 | 2.9 >> 2.10          | 2 files affected
	*library2                                 | 3.8 >> 4.0           | 1 files affected
	library3                                  | 4.9.1, no update needed
	library4                                  | no version number listed

2 total updates: 1 MAJOR updates, 1 MINOR updates, 0 MICRO updates

Major updates:
[ ]library2
		[19, 22, 23, 28, 47, 49]
        [6, 12, 13, 14, 110, 212, 213]

Minor updates:
[ ]library1
		[14, 15, 16, 22, 87, 88, 209, 211, 212]
        [16, 18, 21]
        [24, 89, 134, 137]

Micro updates:


Please use the GitHub issue tracker to submit bugs or request features. (If thaw is breaking on a particular repo and you're able to share the repo publically, it would be great if you can include a link to it in your report - if not, no worries.)

You can check planned features on thaw's GitHub project board.


thaw was created because it's super frustrating to update project dependencies and then play whack-a-mole with errors. The report thaw generates tells you which libraries are used where, including variables made with those libraries, so you can easily pinpoint where problems may occur and have a roadmap for fixing update-induced errors.

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