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The Games DB API wrapper for Python

Project description

# The Games DB API wrapper for Python

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Based on the The Games DB API:

## Installation

$ python install

## Usage examples `python >>> from thegamesdb import TheGamesDb >>> api = TheGamesDb() `

## Platform Resource

`python >>> api.platform <PlatformResource get,list,games> >>> platforms = api.platform.list() >>> len(platforms) 59 >>> platforms[:5] [<Platform: 3DO>, <Platform: Amiga>, <Platform: Amstrad CPC>, \ <Platform: Android>, <Platform: Arcade>] >>> p = platforms[0] >>> p <Platform: 3DO> >>>,, p.manufacturer ('25', '3DO', 'Panasonic') >>> p.overview[:69] + ' (...)' 'The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer (often called simply 3DO) is a video (...)' >>> p = api.platform.get( >>> p <Platform: 3DO> >>> threedo_games = >>> len(threedo_games) 148 >>> threedo_games[:5] [<Game: Mad Dog McCree (3DO)>, <Game: AD&D: Slayer (3DO)>, \ <Game: Blade Force (3DO)>, <Game: Battle Chess (3DO)>, \ <Game: Brain Dead 13 (3DO)>] `

## Game Resource

`python >>> <GameResource get,list> >>> games ='x-men') >>> len(games) 100 >>> games[:5] [<Game: X-Men (Sega 32X)>, <Game: X-Men (Arcade)>, \ <Game: X-Men (Sega Genesis)>, <Game: X-Men (Sega Mega Drive)>, \ <Game: X-Men (Sega Game Gear)>] >>> games[30].id '2468' >>> game = >>> game <Game: X-Men: Children Of The Atom (Arcade)> >>>, game.platform, game.publisher, game.developer ('X-Men: Children Of The Atom', 'Arcade', 'Capcom', 'Capcom') `

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