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Python interface to the .NET Thor cameras.

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A Python interface to the Thor scientific Cameras using .Net.

This library does not support the DCx cameras, only the scientific cameras.

See the docs for more information and to get started.

To install in Anaconda or native Python see the installation instructions.

Basic example

First create a subclass that prints the camera results:

from import ThorCam
class MyThorCam(ThorCam):
    def received_camera_response(self, msg, value):
        super(MyThorCam, self).received_camera_response(msg, value)
        if msg == 'image':
        print('Received "{}" with value "{}"'.format(msg, value))
    def got_image(self, image, count, queued_count, t):
        print('Received image "{}" with time "{}" and counts "{}", "{}"'
              .format(image, t, count, queued_count))

Then use the camera:

>>> # create camera
>>> cam = MyThorCam()
<__main__.MyThorCam at 0x25a72f6a748>
>>> # start the server etc.
>>> cam.start_cam_process()
>>> # get list of attached cams
>>> cam.refresh_cameras()
Received "serials" with value "['03756']"
>>> # open the camera
>>> cam.open_camera('03756')
Received "settings" with value "{'binning_x': 1, 'binning_x_range': [1, 24], ..."
Received "cam_open" with value "None"
>>> cam.exposure_range
[0.0, 1000000.0]
>>> cam.exposure_ms
>>> # update the exposure value
>>> cam.set_setting('exposure_ms', 150)
Received "settings" with value "{'exposure_ms': 150.0}"
>>> cam.exposure_ms
>>> # now play the camera
>>> cam.play_camera()
Received "playing" with value "True"
Received image "<ffpyplayer.pic.Image object at 0x000001D1D8D67900>" with time "2e-07" and counts "1", "1"
Received image "<ffpyplayer.pic.Image object at 0x000001D1D8D67990>" with time "0.2310473" and counts "2", "1"
Received image "<ffpyplayer.pic.Image object at 0x000001D1D8D67A68>" with time "0.4735178" and counts "3", "1"
Received image "<ffpyplayer.pic.Image object at 0x000001D1D8D67B40>" with time "0.7157285" and counts "4", "1"
Received image "<ffpyplayer.pic.Image object at 0x000001D1D8D67C18>" with time "0.9583721" and counts "5", "1"
>>> # now stop playing
>>> cam.stop_playing_camera()
Received "playing" with value "False"
>>> # close the camera
>>> cam.close_camera()
Received "cam_closed" with value "None"
>>> # close the server and everything
>>> cam.stop_cam_process(join=True)

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