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Spawn a thread that executes tasks in order

Project description

Threaded Task Executor

Allows functions to be called in a seperate thread and executed in FIFO order.

Possible Uses:

  • For serial communication where send/recv order matters
  • Run background tasks in tkinter easily, without freezing gui
  • Any application where background tasks are required to be executed in order

Gettings Started:


pip install threaded-task-executor


from threaded_task_executor import Task_Queue, Task

How To Use

tasks = Task_Queue()
tasks.add_task(Task(print, args=("test 1")))
tasks.add_task(Task(print, args=("test 2")))

When this is run it should start the thread and execute the tasks in FIFO order.


Task(func, callback=None, task_name="", args=(), kwargs={})
  • func : the function that will be called when executed
  • callback : function that will be run when the task has started and finished
    • callback("STARTED", task_name)
    • callback("FINISHED", task_name)
  • task_name : the name of the task
  • args : tuple of arguments that will be given to the function
  • kwargs : dict of keyword arguments that will be given to the function
  • daemon : (True, False, None) : Whether main thread has to wait for thread to finish before stopping main thread
  • add_task(new_task) : Adds a new task obj, if there is no threads running will start one
  • get_current_task() : Allows for the current task that is executing to be returned
  • tasks_left() : Returns the number of tasks left to be completed, includes currently executing task if any.
  • add_from_func(callback, task_name) : used as a decorator which acts as add_task()



  • New decorator method that allows for adding to a Task_Queue obj


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