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Checks validity of a 3Di schematisation

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A tool to verify the correctness of a 3Di schematisation.

It asserts the correctness of a 3Di schematisation and provides detailed information about any potential errors in it.

This package only work against a specific schematisation version. Use to upgrade a schematisation version. See also the 3Di documentation at

Note that the name “modelchecker” might be slightly confusing: the thing that is checked is a schematisation, and not a threedimodel. A schematisation is built interactively by the user and this schematisation will be converted to a 3Di-Model which can be used in simulations.


pip install threedi-modelchecker

Note that raster checks will be skipped unless GDAL is available. threedi-modelchecker is also integrated into the ThreediToolbox Qgis plugin:


The following code sample shows how you can use the modelchecker to run all configured checks and print an overview of all discovered errors:

from threedi_modelchecker.exporters import format_check_results
from threedi_modelchecker import ThreediModelChecker
from threedi_schema import ThreediDatabase

sqlite_file = "<Path to your sqlite file>"
database = ThreediDatabase(sqlite_file)

model_checker = ThreediModelChecker(database)
for check, error in model_checker.errors(level="WARNING"):
    print(format_check_results(check, error))

Command-line interface

Use the modelchecker from the command line as follows:

threedi_modelchecker check -s path/to/model.sqlite -l warning

By default, WARNING and INFO checks are ignored. To skip the beta features check, add the –allow-beta flag.


A docker image has been created for easy development. It contains an postgis server with an empty 3Di database to allow for easy testing.

Build the image:

docker-compose build

Run the tests:

docker-compose run modelchecker pytest

See Creating revisions for instructions on how to change the 3Di model schematisation.


Make sure you have zestreleaser installed.


When you created a tag, make sure to upload it to pypi.

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