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ImageMagick imaging engine for Thumbor

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thumbor-wand-engine is an ImageMagick imaging engine for thumbor.


You can install the package from PyPI with pip:

$ pip install thumbor-wand-engine


  • Python 3.7 or higher
  • MagickWand library
    • libmagickwand-dev for APT on Debian/Ubuntu
    • ImageMagick-devel for Yum on CentOS
    • imagemagick for MacPorts/Homebrew on Mac

Why another engine

Thumbor ships with a builtin engine, however with thumbor-wand-engine you get:

  • Smaller images ⏳ 💲
  • Better image quality 🤩
  • Support to animated WEBP ⏳ 💲
  • Support to AVIF and HEIC 🖼
  • IPTC/XMP data preservation 📜
  • Smoother blur ✨
  • Sharper resizing 📐
  • Better watermarking 🏷


To use this engine with thumbor, define thumbor_wand_engine as the imaging engine in thumbor.conf:

# imaging engine to use to process images
ENGINE = "thumbor_wand_engine"



  • Python 3.6 or higher
  • An activated virtual environment
  • pre-commit

Create a development environment

  1. Start by creating a new Python virtual environment with the tool of your choice (we recommend pyenv)

  2. Install pre-commit (we recommend installing it not as part of the virtual environment — use your system's package manager)

  3. Install thumbor-wand-engine in editable mode with all required dependencies:

    $ make setup

Run tests

Once you have a working development environment:

  1. Code!

    🤓 🤔 💡 ⚡️ 🖼
  2. Run tests

    $ make test
  3. Check code coverage

    $ make coverage-html
    $ open htmlcov/index.html
  4. Lint the code:

    $ make lint
  5. Repeat!

Have fun!


Code in this repository is distributed under the terms of the MIT License.

See LICENSE for details.

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