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Custom timer

Project description


I couldn't find a timer that matched my needs, so I created my own. I don't exactly remember which ones I tried and what reservations I had but whatever.

Install thyming

pip install thyming
from thyming import Timer # duh

How to use thyming.Timer

There are two ways to use it: the ordinary way and as a context manager.

1. The ordinary way

You can use it the ordinary way, by creating a timer and measuring time with it multiple times.

t = Timer()
# do something here
t.measure() # measure time
# do something else
t.measure() # measure time again
# ...
t.stop() # timer stops
# [2.8563, 5.0682, 22.2241] # print recorded times rounded to n digits (4 by default)

# You can reuse the timer after stopping it
# ...
# [5.516]
# previous recorded times are stored in t.prev__recorded _times
[[2.8563294369996584, 5.068209224999919, 22.224131080000006]]

2. The context manager way

(This is the magic of __enter__ and __exit__.)

with Timer() as t:
    # ...
    # ...
# you leave timer here

Logging time

Timer accepts a logger function, which takes a string and returns nothing (it's of type Callable[[str], None]). Theoretically, this could be lambda s: None but obviously we want to squeeze something useful out of it, so it's better to supply a function but prints the string argument to some output, e.g.: print or, which is the default.

import logging
t = Timer().start()
print(t.logger) # <function info at 0x7f38ac8b99d0> # i.e.
print(t.logger == # True
t = Timer().start()
t.measure() # INFO:root:Elapsed time: 1.0011 seconds.

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