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Tichu is a 4-player trick-taking game where you play with a partner and wager on whether or not you will go out first. It is not an exceptionally complicated game, but it does present a number of interesting strategic decisions for players to make.

In an effort to better understand and inform some of these decisions, tich_me downloads game data from thousands of games played on BrettSpielWelt and provides tools to analyze this data. This allows your decision-making to be guided by quantitative information, rather than by intuition.


Install using pip:

pip install tich_me

You can confirm that the installation succeeded by running this command:

tich_me -h


The first step is to download Tichu game logs from BrettSpielWelt and to extract the relevant information into a local database:

tich_me download

Note that game logs are downloaded by month. The default month is the most recent one for which no games have been downloaded yet, but it is also possible to specify a particular month.

Once this is done, the analysis scripts can be run. The only analysis currently available looks at the probability of being passed particular cards, conditional on calling Grand Tichu:

tich_me analyze passing

This produces the following results:

The probability of being passed each rank of card in any given round. The blue bars are if you did not call Tichu or Grand Tichu before the pass, and the orange plus-marks are if you called Grand Tichu.

As above, but separated by who is passing the card to you: your left opponent, your partner, or your right opponent. Note that the convention of passing odds to the left and evens to the right can clearly be seen.

A broad rule of thumb is that your probability of being passed a 2 is about ½, a 3 is about ⅓, a 4 is about ¼, and so on all the way up to 10. If you call Grand Tichu, you are very likely to receive an Ace from your partner and the dog from your opponent. But your are no more likely than usual to receive 2’s or 3’s from your opponents, which surprised me a bit.


If you are interested in studying a particular aspect of Tichu strategy, consider using tich_me to do your analysis. The hard work of downloading, parsing, and organizing game data is already done, so you can start doing your analysis right away. And if you do implement a new analysis, please consider making a pull request! Bug reports are also very welcome.

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