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Python ticketing utility supporting JIRA, RT, Redmine, Bugzilla, and ServiceNow

Project description

ticketutil is a Python module that allows you to easily interact with various ticketing tools using their REST APIs. Currently, the supported tools are JIRA, RT, Redmine, Bugzilla, and ServiceNow. All tools support HTTP Basic authentication, while JIRA and RT also support Kerberos authentication. Additionally, Bugzilla supports API key authentication and Jira supports Personal Access Token authentication.

This module allows you to create tickets, add comments, edit ticket fields, and change the status of tickets in each tool. Additional lower-level tool-specific functions are supported - adding and removing watchers in JIRA, adding attachments in JIRA, etc.

Simplify all of your ticketing operations with ticketutil:

from ticketutil.jira import JiraTicket
ticket = JiraTicket(<jira_url>, <project_key>, auth='kerberos')

# Create a ticket and perform some common ticketing operations.
t = ticket.create(summary='Ticket summary',
                  description='Ticket description',
t = ticket.add_comment('Test Comment')
t = ticket.change_status('Done')

# Check status of previous ticketing operation and print URL of ticket.

# Close Requests session.


Install ticketutil with pip install ticketutil.

ticketutil is compatible with Python 2.7, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, and 3.6. Note: For Python 2.6 and lower, an additional package, importlib, may need to be installed.

If not installing with pip, a short list of packages defined in the requirements.txt file need to be installed. To install the required packages, type pip install -r requirements.txt.


Documentation for ticketutil is available at:

Comments? / Questions? / Coming Soon

For questions / comments, email For anything specific to Bugzilla, email For ServiceNow related questions, email

The plan for ticketutil is to support more ticketing tools in the near future and to support more ticketing operations for the currently supported tools. Please let us know if there are any suggestions / requests. Thanks!

Release History

1.8.0 (01-13-2023)

  • Added support in Jira for adding / removing watchers by email address.

1.7.0 (04-29-2022)

  • Added support for kwargs to change_status() method in

1.6.0 (12-02-2021)

  • Added support for proxies in Jira.

1.5.0 (11-29-2021)

  • Added support for personal access tokens in Jira.

1.4.5 (07-07-2020)

  • Fixed RuntimeError in Python 3.8.

  • Added support for trailing slash in URLs.

  • Made verify requests to Jira tickets configurable.

1.4.4 (04-25-2019)

  • Updated HTTP Basic Auth in to disable SSL cert verification.

1.4.3 (01-08-2019)

  • Added get_ticket_content() method to,,, and

  • Added add_attachment() method to

  • Added unit tests for,,,, and

  • Added module-level loggers throughout all files.

  • Added components support to Jira.

  • Added support for creating subtasks in Jira.

1.3.0 (06-29-2017)

1.2.0 (04-28-2017)

  • ServiceNow support has been added to ticketutil!

    • ticketutil/ has been created, supporting main ticketing functions found in other tools.

    • tests/ has been created, containing unit tests for

    • Two new documentation files have been created: docs/ and examples/

1.1.0 (04-18-2017)

  • JIRA, Bugzilla, RT, Redmine

    • Added get_ticket_url() method to return ticket url for Ticket object.

    • Added get_ticket_id() method to return ticket id for Ticket object.

    • Added _verify_project() and _verify_ticket_id() methods to all tools. These methods are called when a new Ticket object is created to verify that the project and optional ticket_id parameters are valid.

    • Created TicketException class, which is raised if the url passed in during creation of a Ticket object can not be accessed. This exception is also raised if project or ticket_id can not be verified.

    • The environment variable TICKETUTIL_DEBUG has been replaced with TICKETUTIL_LOG_LEVEL, with a default value of ‘INFO’. This allows you to turn on debug logging by setting this variable to ‘DEBUG’ and effectively turn off logging by setting it to ‘CRITICAL’.

  • JIRA

    • Modified _get_status_id() in to return the status_id corresponding to the state you are transitioning to, instead of the status_id corresponding to the transition itself.

  • Bugzilla

    • Added add_attachment() method.

    • Added support for api_key authentication.

    • Added support for adding groups to ticket in create() and edit().

  • RT

    • Added add_attachment() method.

  • Redmine

    • Added add_attachment() method.

1.0.6 (01-20-2017)

  • Trying to fix more PyPI issues.

1.0.5 (01-20-2017)

  • Fixing README on PyPI.

1.0.4 (01-20-2017)

  • Updated JIRA example and docstring to clarify that ‘type’ (and not ‘issuetype’) is a supported create() and edit() field. No code changes.

1.0.3 (01-19-2017)

  • First publish to PyPI!

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