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An optionally headless, extensible RESTful datastore for tiddlers: bits of stuff.

Project description

* TiddlyWeb Home Site:
* TiddlyWeb Git Repo:

For additional installation instructions see

If you develop with TiddlyWeb and are upgrading 1.0 to 1.2 there have
been changes you should make yourself aware of. Read `UPGRADE1.0to1.2


TiddlyWeb, aka mo'ass, is a RESTful data store and toolkit for tiddlers
on the web. Tiddlers are small chunks of optionally structured content
with their own URI. The concept comes from TiddlyWiki. TiddlyWeb can
provide the basis of a server side for TiddlyWiki. TiddlyWeb provides:

* an abstract model (with default implementations) for:
** authentication and authorization
** entity storage
** entity and collection serialization
* a straightforward extension model via plugins
* an implementation of authenticated recipes and bags allowing
the controlled and filter-able access to dynamically created collections
of tiddlers
* clean HTTP API based on REST principles

The system is designed so that parts that are not optimal for a
particular installation can be easily improved or swapped out via

While TiddlyWeb was initially designed as a TiddlyWiki server-side
it can also be used as a generic data store and platform that builds
on concepts learned from TiddlyWiki, primarily the concept of the tiddler:
a small chunk of data used to build up a greater whole.

TiddlyWeb includes a command line tool called twanager. Run twanager
without arguments for a list of available commands.


The easiest way to install TiddlyWeb and all its dependencies is by
using `pip <>`_ to install it from `PyPI

pip install -U tiddlyweb

If you wish to use TiddlyWeb as a server-side for TiddlyWiki to generate
a multi-user TiddlyWiki system, you will also need `tiddlywebwiki
<>`_. This too can be installed
via pip. Installing tiddlywebwiki will install tiddlyweb for you:

pip install -U tiddlywebwiki

Or you can install by hand, you will need the following requirements:

* Python 2.5, 2.6 or 2.7. (Python 3 has not yet been tested. Python
2.4 may work but is neither tested nor recommended.)
* selector:
* simplejson:
* html5lib (for sanitizing input which may be rendered as HTML):


See for a TiddlyWiki generated by TiddlyWeb
and TiddlyWebWiki. That wiki contains the TiddlyWeb documentation. You can
also leave comments there to help improve the documentation.

for plugins that TiddlyWeb can use with itself.

See for a shared hosting service built on

If you have questions or contributions on making this work
please post to the TiddlyWeb group at google groups:

or contact the primary author, Chris Dent <>.

Please report bugs and issues at the github issue tracker:

TiddlyWeb is released under the BSD License and is copyright
2008-2011 UnaMesa Association.

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