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MySQL-based store for tiddlyweb

Project description


_A plugin for [TiddlyWeb]( subclassing
with MySQL specifics._

The main additions to sqlalchemy3 are:

* Optionally extend the search interface using mysql's fulltext.
* Support finding tiddlers that have and geo.long fields
near a location.


MySQL 5.5 or beyond is required for full Unicode support.

It is important to set some mysql my.cnf variables if you are using
the fulltext indexing otherwise searches will likely fail.

ft_min_word_len = 3
ft_stopword_file = ''

You will need to create a database:

create database tiddlyweb character set = utf8mb4 collate = utf8mb4_bin;

Make sure you `GRANT` appropriate `PRIVILEGES` on the database.

Add the following to ``:

'server_store': ['tiddlywebplugins.mysql', {
'db_config': 'mysql:///tiddlyweb?charset=utf8mb4'}],
'indexer': 'tiddlywebplugins.mysql', # optional

If you want to use the fulltext indexing capability you will need to
create the fulltext index:

CREATE FULLTEXT INDEX tiddlytext ON text(text);

Also set `mysql.fulltext` to `True` in ``. This makes
sure the text table will be `MyISAM`.

Note that even if fulltext is not turned on, text searches will still
work, but not as flexibly.

See <> for additional documentation and


Thanks to [Adrian Hosey]( for help over
some SQL humps.

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