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Interface between TiddlyWeb and the node.js wikifier for TiddlyWiki text

Project description

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# About

Provides an interface between TiddlyWeb and the node.js wikifier for TiddlyWiki text. When a request is made to render a tiddler with TiddlyWiki text it is passed on to a node.js module for processing. It then returns the result back to the client that requested it.

# Requirements

# Contributing is used to package up the plugin and install it.

Plugin code lives in the tiddlywebplugins directory.

Tests live in the test directory.

# Usage

make test runs the tests. Currently there is just the one that ensures the plugin can be imported.

make install installs the plugin as a package on your system (you may need sudo for this.)

To set this plugin as the default renderer for all tiddlers, add the following to

` 'wikitext.default_renderer': 'tiddlywebplugins.twikified' `

For more details on usage run:

pydoc tiddlywebplugins/

# Credits

@cdent is the original author of twikified. I’ve just packaged it up a bit.

# See Also

See the accompanying [node module](

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tiddlywebplugins.twikified-0.1.1.tar.gz (5.2 kB view hashes)

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