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convenience wrapper for libtiff

Project description


Compared to PIL and some other tiff related projects, this package is more for scientific imaging.

Features exposed from libtiff:

  1. responds to

    1. pixel bit depth

    2. number of channels

    3. compression scheme

  2. sequential and random access to frames in multi-frame tiff

  3. query length of multi-frame tiff


from tiffreader import TiffReader
tif ="file_path.tif")

Random Access
frame = tif.read_current()  # gives a 2D numpy array

is equivalent to

frame = tif[10]

Sequential Access

example for an average image of the 10th to 20th frames:
result = np.zeros(tif.shape, dtype=np.uint64)
for frame in zip(tif, range(10)):
    result += frame
result /= 10


from tiffreader import save_tiff
array = np.array([[1, 2, 3, 4], [5, 6, 7, 8]], dtype=np.uint8)
save_tiff(array, "tif_path.tif")
tif.length  # length of multi-frame tiff stack
tif.shape   # shape of one frame
tiffinfo("tif_path.tif", ["width", "height"])  # wraps tiffinfo to query for additional tags

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