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Python client for Apache Tika App

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tika-app-python is a wrapper for Apache Tika App. With this library you can analyze: - file on disk - payload in base64 - file object (like standard input)

To use file object function you should use Apache Tika version >= 1.17.

Apache 2 Open Source License

tika-app-python can be downloaded, used, and modified free of charge. It is available under the Apache 2 license.


Main Author

Fedele Mantuano (Twitter: [@fedelemantuano](


Clone repository

git clone

and install tika-app-python with

cd tika-app-python

python install

or use pip:

pip install tika-app

Usage in a project

Import TikaApp class:

from tikapp import TikaApp

tika_client = TikaApp(file_jar="/opt/tika/tika-app-1.18.jar")

For get content type:


For detect language:


For detect all metadata and content:


For detect only content:


For detect only metadata:


You can analyze payload in base64 with the same methods, but passing payload argument:


or you can analyze file object (like standard input) with the same methods, but passing objectInput argument:


Usage from command-line

If you installed tika-app-python with pip or you can use it with command-line. To use tika-app-python you should submit the Apache Tika app JAR. You can: - set the enviroment value TIKA_APP_JAR - use --jar switch

The last one overwrite all the others.

These are all swithes:

usage: tikapp [-h] (-f FILE | -p PAYLOAD | -k) [-j JAR] [-d] [-t] [-l]
                   [-m] [-a] [-v]

Wrapper for Apache Tika App.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f FILE, --file FILE  File to submit (default: None)
  -p PAYLOAD, --payload PAYLOAD
                        Base64 payload to submit (default: None)
  -k, --stdin           Enable parsing from stdin (default: False)
  -j JAR, --jar JAR     Apache Tika app JAR (default: None)
  -d, --detect          Detect document type (default: False)
  -t, --text            Output plain text content (default: False)
  -l, --language        Output only language (default: False)
  -m, --metadata        Output only metadata (default: False)
  -a, --all             Output metadata and content from all embedded files
                        (default: False)
  -v, --version         show program's version number and exit

Example from file on disk:

$ tikapp -f example_file -a

Example from standard input

$ tikapp -a -k < example_file

Performance tests

These are the results of performance tests in tests folder:

(Python 2)
tika_content_type()             0.704840 sec
tika_detect_language()          1.592066 sec
magic_content_type()            0.000215 sec
tika_extract_all_content()      0.816366 sec
tika_extract_only_content()     0.788667 sec

(Python 3)
tika_content_type()             0.698357 sec
tika_detect_language()          1.593452 sec
magic_content_type()            0.000226 sec
tika_extract_all_content()      0.785915 sec
tika_extract_only_content()     0.766517 sec

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tika-app-1.5.0.tar.gz (7.5 kB view hashes)

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