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Tool for automated TikTok interactions.

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Tooling that automates your social media interactions to “farm” Likes and Followers on TikTok

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import asyncio
from tiktokpy import TikTokPy

async def main():
    async with TikTokPy() as bot:
        # Do you want to get trending videos? You can!
        trending_items = await bot.trending(amount=5)

        for item in trending_items:
            # ❤️ you can like videos
            # or unlike them
            await bot.unlike(item)
            # or follow users
            await bot.follow(
            # as and unfollow
            await bot.unfollow(

        # 😏 getting user's feed
        user_feed_items = await bot.user_feed(username="justinbieber", amount=5)

        for item in user_feed_items:
            # 🎧 get music title, cover, link, author name..
            print("Music title: ",
            # #️⃣ print all tag's title of video
            print([tag.title for tag in item.challenges])
            # 📈 check all video stats
            print("Comments: ", item.stats.comments)
            print("Plays: ", item.stats.plays)
            print("Shares: ", item.stats.shares)
            print("Likes: ", item.stats.likes)

        # and many other things 😉


Install with pip:

pip install tiktokpy

Install browser by playwright

playwright install chromium

If you have little to no knowledge in programming: Read this Guide "How to use TiktokPy Python Bot" for beginners


To create your cookies and settings.toml file simply run


and then after you login run


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