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command-line time tracking

Project description

a command-line time tracker.


1. Timed stays out of your way.
2. Timed is as simple as possible.


Method 1.

$ git clone git://
$ cd timed
# python install

Method 2.

# pip install timed


$ timed start myproject
starting work on myproject
at 16:35 on 07 Feb 2011

$ timed
working on myproject:
from 16:35 on 07 Feb 2011
to now, 17:00 on 07 Feb 2011
=> 0h25m have elapsed

$ timed stop
worked on myproject
from 16:35 on 07 Feb 2011
to now, 17:40 on 07 Feb 2011
=> 1h5m elapsed

$ timed summary
myproject 1h5m

$ cat ~/.timed
myproject: 16:35 on 07 Feb 2011 - 17:40 on 07 Feb 2011

Remember that ~/.timed is just a text file so the standard UNIX text
processing tools (grep et al.) are available. For example, to see a summary
of your work during the month of January 2011:

$ cat ~/.timed | grep "Jan 2011" | timed parse


timed: alias for 'timed status'

timed status:
print current status

timed start <project>:
start tracking for <project>

timed stop:
stop tracking for the active project

timed summary:
show a summary of all projects

timed parse:
parses a stream with text formatted as a Timed logfile and shows a

timed help:
print help


0.35: Added `timed parse`.
0.30: Complete refactoring.
0.20: Updated formatting (colors!).
0.13: Stopped using ez_setup for installation.
0.12: YAML turned out to be pretty slow, so it's been dropped.
0.11: Using YAML to store the log.
0.10: First release.

AUTHOR. Adeel Ahmad Khan <>.

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