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Sets the time limit for slow-running functions.

Project description


Sets the time limit for slow-running functions. Runs functions in parallel threads or processes.

Tested with Python 3.6-3.9 on macOS, Ubuntu and Windows.


pip3 install timelimit


from timelimit import limit_thread, limit_process, TimeLimitExceeded

def sluggish(a, b):
  return a + b

# will run sluggish(1, 2) in parallel thread no more than 5 seconds
a_plus_b = limit_thread(sluggish, (1, 2), timeout=5)

# will run sluggish(1, 2) in parallel process no more than 5 seconds
a_plus_b = limit_process(sluggish, (1, 2), timeout=5)

If the time is up

If the function did not complete its work within the specified time, a TimeLimitExceeded exception is thrown.

    limit_thread(sluggish, (1, 2), timeout=5)

except TimeLimitExceeded:

If you set the default argument (at least to None), the default value is returned instead of an exception.

result = limit_thread(sluggish, (1, 2), timeout=5, default=-1)

if result == -1:

If time doesn't matter

If you do not specify the timeout parameter it will default to float('inf'). The sluggish function will run in a parallel thread or process, but without time constraints.

# both call run the function in parallel thread without time limits
limit_thread(sluggish, (1, 2))  
limit_thread(sluggish, (1, 2), timeout=float('inf')) 

If you specify the value timeout = None, then the sluggish will be executed like a regular function, without starting processes or threads.

# the following calls are equivalent
sluggish(1, 2)
limit_thread(sluggish, (1, 2), timeout=None)

Thus, the limitation can be made optional and resource-saving.

limit_thread(sluggish, (1, 2), 
             timeout = 5 if in_hurry else None)

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