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An elegant way to run period tasks.

Project description

# Timeloop
Timeloop is a service that can be used to run periodic tasks after a certain interval.


Each job runs on a separate thread and when the service is shut down, it waits till all tasks currently being executed are completed.

Inspired by this blog [`here`](

## Installation
pip install timeloop

## Writing jobs
import time

from timeloop import Timeloop
from datetime import timedelta

tl = Timeloop()

def sample_job_every_2s():
print "2s job current time : {}".format(time.ctime())

def sample_job_every_5s():
print "5s job current time : {}".format(time.ctime())

def sample_job_every_10s():
print "10s job current time : {}".format(time.ctime())

## Start time loop in separate thread
By default timeloop starts in a separate thread.

Please do not forget to call ```tl.stop``` before exiting the program, Or else the jobs wont shut down gracefully.


while True:
except KeyboardInterrupt:

## Start time loop in main thread
Doing this will automatically shut down the jobs gracefully when the program is killed, so no need to call ```tl.stop```

## Author
* **Sankalp Jonna**

Email me with any queries: [](

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