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Timed loops made simple

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I found myself re-implementing the same pattern over and over when it comes to repeating some task until some condition is met OR the time is up, so here it is abstracted and generalized into a neat package.

Yep, that's 25 lines of code + tests.

Here's a demo use case:

from timelooper import Looped, loop_timed
from datetime import timedelta

# Suppose we are listening to some queue
#   and want to batch the incoming messages.
#   However, we only want to wait for
#   some limited time for a batch 
#   to be formed.

class CollectableBatch(Looped):
    def __init__(self, queue, maxsize):
        self.batch = []
        self._queue = queue
        self._maxsize = maxsize
    async def do(self) -> None:
        self.batch.append(await self._queue.get())

    def should_stop(self) -> bool:
        return len(self.batch) == self._maxsize

collected = CollectableBatch(queue, maxsize=10)
await loop_timed(collected, timedelta(seconds=30))  

print(collected.batch)  # or whatever


pip install timelooper

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