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A library automating worktime reports for

Project description

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## timewatch

Tired of reporting work hours every day/month?
Your boss trusts you with your time, but HR demands you fill timewatch's form?
You're too preoccupied with work, and forget filling up

We've all been there, just set up a monthly timewatch cron and get back to work!

### What is this?
This script automatically sets default working hours for all work days using's web interface.
It reads expected work hours for each day and automatically sets each day's work to that amount.
It is therefor handling govt. off days and weekends, and is quite configurable.

## Usage
To report required working hours for the current month, simply execute
```./main <company id> <employee number> <password>```

### Full usage and functionality

usage: [-h] [-y YEAR] [-m MONTH] [-v] [-o {all,incomplete,regular}]
company user password

Automatic work hours reporting for

positional arguments:
company Company ID
user user name/id
password user password

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-y YEAR, --year YEAR Year number to fill
-m MONTH, --month MONTH
Month number or name
-v, --verbose increase logging level
-o {all,incomplete,regular}, --override {all,incomplete,regular}
Control override behavior. all - override all working
days, unsafe to vacation/sick days. incomplete = only
override days with partial records. regular - override
regular days (without absence reason) only
punch-in time
-j JITTER, --jitter JITTER
punching time random range in minutes.

### Installation

git clone
cd timewatch
pip install -r requirements.txt


pip install timewatch --target './'
cd timewatch
./ <args>

### Known issues
* Doesn't sign the doc (I suggest you do it manually after reviewing there are no bugs in the report).
* no support for reporting vacation/sick days through the script yet (You can report using timewatch's web interface before/after running the script)



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