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measure/limit the function execution time, cross-platform

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measure / limit the function execution time, cross-platform


pip install timework


import timework as tw


A decorator measuring the execution time.

timework.TimeError contains three parts:

  • TimeError.message string, <decorated function name>: <time used> seconds used
  • TimeError.result return values of the function being decorated
  • TimeError.detail float, time used

Notice: In @timer decorator, timeout is used to raise a Error after the decorated function finishes, but fails to finish within timeout seconds. If you want to terminate the function with a timeout limit, please use @limit.

import logging

def timer_demo_a():
    i = 0
    while i < 2 ** 23:
        i += 1
    return i

@tw.timer(print, detail=True)
def timer_demo_b():
    i = 0
    while i < 2 ** 24:
        i += 1
    return i

def timer_demo_c():
    i = 0
    while i < 2 ** 25:
        i += 1
    return i
a = timer_demo_a()
b = timer_demo_b()

    c = timer_demo_c()
except tw.TimeError as e:
    print('error:', e.message)
    c = e.result

print(a, b, c)
WARNING:root:timer_demo_a: 0.496672 seconds used
START:  Tue Feb 18 15:06:45 2020
FINISH: Tue Feb 18 15:06:46 2020
timer_demo_b: 0.989352 seconds used
error: timer_demo_c: 1.9817 seconds used
8388608 16777216 33554432


A decorator limiting the execution time.

timework.TimeError only contains:

  • TimeError.message string, <decorated function name>: <timeout> seconds exceeded
  • TimeError.result None, unused
  • TimeError.detail None, unused
def limit_demo(m):
    i = 0
    while i < 2 ** m:
        i += 1
    return i
    s = limit_demo(4)
except tw.TimeError as e:
    print('result:', s)

    s = limit_demo(30)
except tw.TimeError as e:
    print('result:', s)
result: 16
limit_demo: 3 seconds exceeded

You can read docstrings for more details.


MIT License © bugstop

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