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A multi-language, cross-platform library that provides cryptographic APIs that are secure, easy to use correctly, and hard(er) to misuse.

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Tink Python

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Using crypto in your application shouldn't have to feel like juggling chainsaws in the dark. Tink is a crypto library written by a group of cryptographers and security engineers at Google. It was born out of our extensive experience working with Google's product teams, fixing weaknesses in implementations, and providing simple APIs that can be used safely without needing a crypto background.

Tink provides secure APIs that are easy to use correctly and hard(er) to misuse. It reduces common crypto pitfalls with user-centered design, careful implementation and code reviews, and extensive testing. At Google, Tink is one of the standard crypto libraries, and has been deployed in hundreds of products and systems.

To get a quick overview of Tink's design please take a look at Tink's goals.

The official documentation is available at

Contact and mailing list

If you want to contribute, please read CONTRIBUTING and send us pull requests. You can also report bugs or file feature requests.

If you'd like to talk to the developers or get notified about major product updates, you may want to subscribe to our mailing list.


Tink is maintained by (A-Z):

  • Moreno Ambrosin
  • Taymon Beal
  • William Conner
  • Thomas Holenstein
  • Stefan Kölbl
  • Charles Lee
  • Cindy Lin
  • Fernando Lobato Meeser
  • Ioana Nedelcu
  • Sophie Schmieg
  • Elizaveta Tretiakova
  • Jürg Wullschleger


  • Haris Andrianakis
  • Daniel Bleichenbacher
  • Tanuj Dhir
  • Thai Duong
  • Atul Luykx
  • Rafael Misoczki
  • Quan Nguyen
  • Bartosz Przydatek
  • Enzo Puig
  • Laurent Simon
  • Veronika Slívová
  • Paula Vidas

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