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Open Source tiny 3D engine for tkinter

Project description

Tiny 3D Engine


This package is a python 3D engine based on the Tkinter Canvas. It uses Numpy for math handling.

It is available on pipy, documentation is on readtthedocs, sources are mirrored on

Install this using

pip install tiny_3d_engine

It create simle 3D rendering for bars, tri and quad elements and store the scenes in Ensight's ASCII .geoformat. A trivial square would look like:



In the following example, two squares are appended to an initially void Scene3D object.

  • The first, in blue, is made of edges (2 vertices connectivity)
  • The second, in red, is made od squares (4 vertices connectivity)

This scene is passed to the Engine3D object, triggering a window.

from tiny_3d_engine import (Scene3D, Engine3D)

scene = Scene3D()

SIZE = 2
LENGTH= 200.
points = list()
conn = list()
dx = LENGTH/

for i in range(SIZE):
    for j in range(SIZE):
        index = len(points)
        points.append([i*dx, j*dx, 0])
        points.append([(i+1)*dx, j*dx, 0])
        points.append([i*dx, (j+1)*dx, 0])
        points.append([(i+1)*dx, (j+1)*dx, 0])
        #conn.append([index, index+1, index+2])
        #conn.append([index+3, index+1, index+2])
        conn.append([index, index+1])
        conn.append([index+3, index+1])
scene.add_or_update_part("square1", points, conn, color="#0000ff")

points = list()
conn = list()
for i in range(SIZE):
    for j in range(SIZE):
        index = len(points)
        points.append([i*dx, j*dx, LENGTH])
        points.append([(i+1)*dx, j*dx, LENGTH])
        points.append([i*dx, (j+1)*dx, LENGTH])
        points.append([(i+1)*dx, (j+1)*dx, LENGTH])
        conn.append([index, index+1, index+3, index+2])
scene.add_or_update_part("square2", points, conn, color="#ff0000")

test = Engine3D(scene)
test.rotate("x", 45)
test.rotate("y", 45)


The present library require Numpy and Tkinter. The Tk aspects are limited to the screen object. In the future I might write extensions for PyQT4 Canvas or Matplotlib... or not.


It is a mix between a Pure Tcl/Tk Engine of mine pureTK 3d engine and the the pyEngine3D-master of henryHaefligerpyEngine3D , because I really liked the API.

The present one allow several parts to be loaded, and uses numpy. Scenes can be dumped or read from the Ensight .case/.geo files.

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