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Small, high-level tools that fill gaps in current Python tool sets.

Project description


Tinytools is a collection of small, high-level tools that fill gaps in Python tool sets. The tools are broken up into a set of modules

  1. bunch : Contains an OrderedBunch object class with associated bunchify/unbunchify methods, similar to other bunch implementations but built off an OrderedDict with ipython table-complete overloaded to the data memebers.

  2. files : High-level filter and search functions with configurable search depth, case sensitivity, and search types.

  3. cmd_list : Thin wrapper around subprocess to simplify command line calls.

  4. pvl : Function to read and write PVL files.

  5. class_csv : Functions to move columns in csv files - a common need for moving class-attributed csv files between machine learning tools.

  6. np_img : Numpy operations to flip images - i.e. converting a numpy image array from (4,200,200) to (200,200,4).

  7. py_styles : Display of python style suggestions.


pip install tinytools


import tinytools

or in a more convenient alias:

import tinytools as tt

Quick Start

import tinytools as tt

## Search function
found ='/path/to/search',['*.til','proj1*.til'],depth=5,

## OrderedBunch
from collections import OrderedDict

# Create an OrderedBunch from and return it to an OrderedDict
od = OrderedDict({'a':1,'b':2,'c':{'aa':1.23,'bb':'string'}})
ob = tt.bunch.ordered_bunchify(od)
ob.a          # Explore the OrderdBunch with tab complete
ob['a']       # Equivalent to above       # orderd_bunchify is recursive on nested Dict objects
ob['c']['bb'] # Equivalent to above
od2 = tt.bunch.ordered_unbunchify(ob)

## Interacting with PVL files
# Read full PVL file
imd = tt.pvl.read_from_pvl('/path/to/image.IMD')
type(imd)                               # returns collections.OrderedDict
imdob = tt.bunch.ordered_bunchify(img)  # Create an ordered bunch to ease
                                        # interactive exploration
imdob.IMAGE_1.satID                     # Tab complete through the IMD files

# Read an item from a PVL file
tt.pvl.read_from_pvl('/path/to/image.IMD','satId') # return same as above
tt.pvl.read_from_pvl('/path/to/image.IMD','ULLon') # return a list of all
                                                   # items matching key

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