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PJScript - TJS (Text adventure game Javascript) compiler and interpreter

Project description

PJScript - TJS (Text adventure game Javascript) compiler and interpreter

What's the goal?

Have you ever played Nekopara? If so, you know what the kind of video games it is.
Nekopara is the visual novel, and every visual novel nowadays are based on RenPy visual novel engine, as you may be heard. Some people even use Unity for that, but...
Anyways, Nekopara is based on a modified version of KrKrX visual novel engine. There are also a lot of other good novels based on that engine as well... But it's a lyric.

So what's the PJScript project is for? KrKrX engine has two primary components. Hm... Have you heard about Electron desktop applications? They are regular web-sites. but have a specific JS runtime and their interface is written in HTML/CSS. Well, KrKrX architecture is a bit similar to this.
But KrKrX does not use either plain JS or HTML/CSS. This engine has its own analogues: TJS and KAG3.

And now we're close to the point! This project is an attempt to interpret or even compile TJS scripts! And when I say compile, I mean this project can actually take the TJS source code and translate (translation is the valid variant of compilation (as long as we can get ELF/EXE binary file at the end)) it to C++, compile this C++ source with your system compiler (clang++ for instance) and link with the tiny replica of KrKrX' TJS runtime

Try it out!

First, you need to have GNU BASH, Python 3, CMake, and CLang compiler installed on your system. Then you can run

# This will build PJScript Runtime
make runtime
# This will build 'sample' project
./ --project examples/sample
# This will launch compiled binary

Also, you can simply run ./ examples/sample, but this isn't customizable, script will always run all 3 commands.

What's the license?

PJScript project was initially created in late June 2020 by @jedi2light, and licensed under WTFPL public license

Project details

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tjscript-1.0.0-py3-none-any.whl (24.2 kB view hashes)

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