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DTOs used in cloudless resource monitoring system

Project description

Cloudless Resource Management Data Transfer Objects

List of Data Transfer Objects that:

  • are encapsulated in UDP packets and transferred back and forth between workers and collector in the generation layer
  • are exchanged within between modules inside either worker or collector

List of DTOs

Internal objects

  • PortInfo: a pair of (daemon_name,port_number) showing that a daemon can receive packets at certain port, and is encapsulated in HostInfo object.

    Ex: collectord:9090 => collectord service is listening at port 9090

  • HostType: enum class, label of host used to identify which kind that host is and is encapsulated in HostInfo object.

    Ex: WORKER => worker host; COLLECTOR => collector host.

  • HostInfo: information of a single host (collector or worker) that will be sent to other host by encapsulated in ProbeInit or ProbeAck object.


    COLLECTOR-collector[] - ports: [coordinatord:10100, collectord:9090]

    => hostname: collector; ip_address:, 2 daemons: collectord listening at port 9090 & coordinatord listening at port 10100; host_type: COLLECTOR

  • CrmPktType: enum class, label of packet used to identify which kind that data inside a UDP segment is and is encapsulated in ProbeInit, ProbeAck, or RegisterAck object/packet.

    Ex: PROBE_INIT => UDP packet of type ProbeInit; PROBE_ACK => UDP packet of type ProbeAck; REG_ACK => UDP packet of type RegisterAck packet.

  • RegisterInfo: information regarding the creation of metric exporters in worker host and is encapsulated in RegisterAck object/packet.


    True - ('Successfully registered at collector host.',) - max remaining retries: 0

    => status: True; message: 'Successfully registered to collector host.'; max_retries: 0

    False - ('Failed to register at collector host.',) - max remaining retries: 3

    => status: False; message: 'Failed to register to collector host.'; max_retries: 3

Application layer PDU

  • ProbeInit: broadcasted by collector host (in fixed interval) to all worker host within current subnet.


    {"py/object": "dtos.probe_init.ProbeInit", "id": "78f6ac6d-ec8d-44cf-abc8-584e4255e9d3", "info": {"py/object": "dtos.host_info.HostInfo", "hostname": "collector", "inet_addr": "", "ports": [{"py/object": "dtos.port_info.PortInfo", "daemon": "coordinatord", "port": 10100}, {"py/object": "dtos.port_info.PortInfo", "daemon": "collectord", "port": 9090}], "type": {"py/reduce": [{"py/type": "dtos.host_type.HostType"}, {"py/tuple": [2]}]}}, "type": {"py/reduce": [{"py/type": "dtos.crm_pkt_type.CrmPktType"}, {"py/tuple": [1]}]}}

    => object: ProbeInit; packet-id: 78f6ac6d-ec8d-44cf-abc8-584e4255e9d3; HostInfo: hostname=collector, inet_addr=

  • ProbeAck: sent by worker host as reply to ProbeInit packet of collector host


  • RegisterAck:


  • 2.1.x: with QueryAck
  • 3.x.x: without QueryAck

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