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zc.buildout recipe to build the mod_python Apache module.

Project description

This is a zc.buildout recipe for setting up the mod_python module for the Apache web server. It is designed to work together with the tl.buildout_apache recipes.

Since the mod_python Python package needs to be available to the Python interpreter before it has a chance to modify the interpreter’s module search path, this recipe writes a .pth file to Python’s site-packages directory. This means that the Python installation used must be writeable, and it should by all means be private to the buildout. You can include a custom-built Python in your buildout using some configure/make/make install recipe, or, as a light-weight alternative, a virtual python using the tl.buildout_virtual_python recipe. In any case, Python’s C header files must be installed.

This recipe appears to be reliable, but the feature set is basically determined by the author’s immediate needs. Don’t hesitate to send questions, bug reports, suggestions, or patches to <>.


A buildout part created by this recipe serves as a config part to be used in a tl.buildout_apache:root section. It adds configuration directives to load the mod_python shared module and configure the Python interpreters’ module search path.

None of the options described below are required: they either have sensible defaults or are computed by the recipe. You may override any of them.

Configuration options:

Where to get the source distribution.


MD5 checksum of the source distribution.


Extra configure options, appended to the ./configure command line.


Extra environment variables for ./configure, make, and make install calls.


The name of a buildout section for an httpd installation, defaults to “httpd”. This can either be a part that uses the tl.buildout_apache:root recipe, or a section that describes a system-wide installation. It must export the “apxs-path” option.


The name of a buildout section for a Python installation, defaults to the Python section used by the “buildout” part. It must export the “executable” option.


Specifications of eggs to be available on mod_python’s default Python path.


See the zc.recipe.egg documentation.


See the zc.recipe.egg documentation.


Non-egg paths to be included in mod_python’s default Python path.


Names of buildout sections with further configuration. See the tl.buildout_apache:root recipe.

Exported options:

Absolute file system path to the shared module.


Absolute file system path to the Python library directory that contains the mod_python package.


The path to a file that contains the paths to the configured eggs and all of the configured extra paths, one per line.


A specification for httpd’s PATH so the correct Python executable will be used.


A piece of Apache server configuration that loads the mod_python shared module and sets mod_python’s default Python path.

Project details

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Source Distribution

tl.buildout_mod_python-0.2.tar.gz (6.8 kB view hashes)

Uploaded source

Built Distributions

tl.buildout_mod_python-0.2-py2.5.egg (11.9 kB view hashes)

Uploaded 2 5

tl.buildout_mod_python-0.2-py2.4.egg (11.9 kB view hashes)

Uploaded 2 4

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