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python package providing functionality for Jira Test Management (tm4j) Cloud through REST API calls

Project description

Project summary

Package providing TM4J Cloud REST API for test automation integration.


How to build

python sdist

How to install

# PyPi
pip install tm4j-reporter-api
# Git
pip install git+


In order to use TM4J Cloud REST API, you need to configure TM4J reporter with tm4j_api.configure_tm4j_api function first:

from tm4j_reporter_api import tm4j_api

def my_test_run_setup(my_access_key, my_project_key):

Param Mandatory Description Type Example
api_access_key Yes API key to access TM4j. To get it see Instruction str
project_key Yes Jira / TM4J project prefix without trailing dash str QT


Test cycle

You need TM4J test cycle where to submit test execution results. You could create new TM4J test cycle in your test run setup in order to use its key for test execution results submitting with tm4_api.create_test_cycle function:

from tm4j_reporter_api import tm4j_api

def my_test_run_setup():

    tm4j_test_cycle_key = tm4j_api.create_test_cycle(
        test_cycle_name="My TM4J test cycle"    

    return tm4j_test_cycle_key
Param Mandatory Description Type Example
test_cycle_name Yes Name of your test cycle str My TM4J test cycle
description No Description of the test cycle outlining the scope str Some feature test run
planned_start_date No Planned start date of the test cycle. Format: yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'Z' str 2020-07-15'T'12:00:00'Z'
planned_end_date No Planned end date for the test cycle. Format: yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'Z' str 2020-07-15'T'12:30:00'Z'
jira_project_version No ID of the version from Jira int 1000
status_name No Name of a status configured for the project str Done
folder_id No ID of a folder to place the test cycle within int 10001
owner_id No Atlassian Account ID of the owner of the test cycle str 377441B7-835D-4B08-B7F4-219E9E62C015

Test execution results

With TM4J test cycle key you can now submit test execution result. You also could use test cycle key of already existing TM4J test cycle if you want. Pass test cycle key and test execution results to tm4j_api.create_test_execution_result function:

from tm4j_reporter_api import tm4j_api

def my_test_teardown(tm4_test_cycle_key, tm4j_test_case_key, execution_status):

Param Mandatory Description Type Example
test_cycle_key Yes Key of TM4J test cycle to put test execution to str TIS
test_case_key Yes Key of test case the execution applies to str SA-T10
execution_status Yes Name of the Test Execution Status str Pass
test_script_results No List of objects with test steps results: statusName (str), actualEndDate (str, yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'Z'), actualResult (str). Number of objects should match to steps number in TM4J test script. list [{"statusName": "Pass", "actualEndDate": "2020-07-15'T'12:30:00'Z'", "actualResult": "This step passed"}, {"statusName": "Fail", "actualEndDate": "2020-07-15'T'12:30:10'Z'", "actualResult": "This step failed"}]
actual_end_date No Date test was executed. Format: yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'Z' str 2020-07-15'T'12:30:00'Z'
environment_name No Environment assigned to the test case str Staging
execution_time No Actual execution time in milliseconds int 121000
executed_by_id No Atlassian Account ID of the user who executes the test str 377441B7-835D-4B08-B7F4-219E9E62C015
assigned_to_id No Atlassian Account ID of the user assigned to the test str 377441B7-835D-4B08-B7F4-219E9E62C015
comment No Comment against the overall test execution str Test failed on step 2, check with Dev team



Raised by tm4j_api.configure_tm4j_api and tm4j_api.create_test_execution_result functions if tm4j_api.configure_tm4j_api function was not called before:

tm4j_reporter_api.tm4j_exceptions.tm4j_configuration_exceptions.TM4JConfigurationException: You must configure TM4J reporter API before calling TM4J, call tm4j_api.configure_tm4j_api method first


Raised by tm4j_api.configure_tm4j_api and tm4j_api.create_test_execution_result functions if TM4J Cloud responded with response status code different from 201 Created:

tm4j_reporter_api.tm4j_exceptions.tm4j_response_exceptions.TM4JResponseException: Response status code: 400, response message: Bad Request

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