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Toad is dedicated to facilitating model development process, especially for a scorecard.

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Toad is dedicated to facilitating model development process, especially for a scorecard. It provides intuitive functions of the entire process, from EDA, feature engineering and selection etc. to results validation and scorecard transformation. Its key functionality streamlines the most critical and time-consuming process such as feature selection and fine binning.

Toad 是专为工业界模型开发设计的Python工具包,特别针对评分卡的开发。Toad 的功能覆盖了建模全流程,从 EDA、特征工程、特征筛选 到 模型验证和评分卡转化。Toad 的主要功能极大简化了建模中最重要最费时的流程,即特征筛选和分箱。

Install and Upgrade · 安装与升级


pip install toad # to install
pip install -U toad # to upgrade


conda install toad --channel conda-forge # to install
conda install -U toad --channel conda-forge # to upgrade

Source code

python install

Key features · 主要功能

The following showcases some of the most popular features of toad, for more detailed demonstrations and user guidance, please refer to the tutorials.


  • Simple IV calculation for all features · 一键算IV:
  • Preliminary selection based on criteria · 根据特定条件的初步变量筛选;
  • and stepwise feature selection (with optimised algorithm) · 优化过的逐步回归:
selected_data =,target = 'target', empty = 0.5, iv = 0.02, corr = 0.7, return_drop=True, exclude=['ID','month'])

final_data = toad.selection.stepwise(data_woe,target = 'target', estimator='ols', direction = 'both', criterion = 'aic', exclude = to_drop)
  • Reliable fine binning with visualisation · 分箱及可视化:
# Chi-squared fine binning
c = toad.transform.Combiner(), axis=1), y = 'target', method = 'chi', min_samples = 0.05) 

# Visualisation to check binning results 
col = 'feature_name'
bin_plot(c.transform(data_selected[[col,'target']], labels=True), x=col, target='target')
  • Intuitive model results presentation · 模型结果展示:
toad.metrics.KS_bucket(pred_proba, final_data['target'], bucket=10, method = 'quantile')
  • One-click scorecard transformation · 评分卡转化:
card = toad.ScoreCard(
    combiner = c,
    transer = transer,
    class_weight = 'balanced',
    base_score = 600,
    base_odds = 35 ,
    pdo = 60,
    rate = 2
)[col], final_data['target'])

Documents · 文档

Community · 社区

We welcome public feedback and new PRs. We hold a WeChat group for questions and suggestions.




Dedicated by The ESC Team

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