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A clean, extensible IRC bot using irckit.

Project description


A clean, extensible IRC bot using Python, irckit, gevent & requests.

**Author:** Daniel Lindsley<br>
**License:** BSD<br>
**Version:** 0.4.1


* Python 2.6+
* gevent
* irckit
* requests


Create your own ```` file & drop in:

import toastbot

bot = toastbot.ToastBot('myircbot', '#myircchannel')

Then run it with ``python``.


The ``Toastbot`` object requires ``nick`` & ``channel`` arguments & can take a
variety of non-required options.

### Required arguments

* ``nick`` - The nickname of the bot, as a string.
* ``channel`` - The channel the bot should connect to, as a string.

### Options

* ``server`` - The server the bot should connect to (default: ````).
* ``username`` -The username the bot should identify as (default: ``nick``);
* ``realname`` - The human readable name the bot should provide (default: 'ToastBot').
* ``debug`` - Controls if the IRC connection should dump debug messages (default: ``false``).
* ``log_dir`` - Controls what directory the logs should go in (default: ``$INSTALL_DIRECTORY/logs``).
* ``variants`` - Used to override ways to address the bot. Should be strings (default: ``[self.nick+': ', self.nick+', ', self.nick+'- ', self.nick+' - ']``).

Available "handlers"

Handlers are how the bot can perform actions based on an incoming message. They
are simple methods hanging off the bot object. The built-in list consists of:

* ``help`` - Provides a description of what I respond to.
* ``dance`` - Get down and funky.
* ``woodies`` - Best quote on the internet..
* ``wiki`` - Search Wikipedia for a topic.
* ``metar`` - Fetch a NOAA METAR by station code.
* ``twitter`` - Search Twitter for a topic.
* ``fatpita`` - Get a random fatpita image. For the lulz.
* ``corgibomb`` - CORGI BOMB

Extending the bot

Adding on further handlers is relatively simple. At its most basic, it's simply
adding on a new method decorated with ``toastbot.handler``. For example, logging
how many times a user has said something in the channel might look like:

import toastbot

class MyBot(toastbot.ToastBot):
talkers = {}

def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super(MyBot, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
self.enabled_commands += [

def how_chatty(self, nick, text):
"""Logs how often a user has said something."""
if nick in self.talkers:
self.talkers[nick] += 1
self.talkers[nick] = 1

print self.talkers.items()

bot = MyBot('myircbot', '#myircchannel')

Note that this command does not require addressing the bot at all. If you want
a command that the bot responds to, you might write something like:

import toastbot

class StoolPigeon(toastbot.ToastBot):
# Assume the previous example, but adding...
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super(StoolPigeon, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
self.enabled_commands += [

def stool_pigeon(self, nick, text):
"""Rat out the talkers."""
text = self.is_direct_command('stool_pigeon', text)

if not text:
raise NotHandled()

return str(self.talkers)

bot = StoolPigeon('myircbot', '#myircchannel')

This checks to see if the bot is being directly addressed then returns a
string-ified version of the ``talker`` stats. The included handlers demonstrate
even more complex behavior, such as how to do network fetches or asynchronous

To disable handlers:

import toastbot

class MyBot(toastbot.ToastBot):
talkers = {}

def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super(MyBot, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
self.enabled_commands = [func for func in self.enabled_commands if func.__name__ != 'twitter']

bot = MyBot('myircbot', '#myircchannel')

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