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Get desktop notifications from programming websites like GitHub, Stack Overflow and the likes :)

Project description


Toasts is an app that shows desktop notifications from various websites like GitHub, StackExchange, BitBucket, and the likes. It just runs in the background and shows you a notification when there is one from sites you have enabled. Authentication to your user account on a particular website is done through a Personal Access Token or Oauth.

Please do note that this project is still a work in progress, even though it works.

Supported Sites

  • Github

If you would like a new site to be supported, please open an issue, and let's see what we can do :)

Getting Started


Toasts is written in Python3 and the package is available on PyPI.

The app has been tested only on Linux, as of now. It should work fine on a Mac, but Windows is not supportd at the moment (I'm working on it).


Open a terminal and:

$ pip install --user toasts

For updating the app:

$ pip install --user -U toasts


Before running the app, we should first enable available clients in the config file. The user config file is ~/.config/toasts/config.yaml on Linux and ~/Library/Application Support/toasts/config.yaml on Mac.

Only Github is implemented for now, so you can enable it in the config file like so:

# Config file for toasts

        # List of sites to enable; comma seperated list
        # Default: []
        clients: [github]

Toasts gets Github notifications using a Personal Access Token. Go to Developer Settings and create one with permission to access your notifications. Then set the environment variables GH_UNAME to your Github username and GH_TOKEN to the access token you just created (it is possible to authenticate using your Github password; just set GH_TOKEN to your password).

You're all set !

Open a terminal and and run the toasts command:

$ toasts

You should see your notifications pop up, if you have an update from the enabled sites.

I'm so happy right now :)

The Config File

The file is in YAML format:

# Config file for toasts

        # List of sites to enable; comma seperated list
        # Default: []
        clients: []
        # Connection timeout, in seconds
        # Default: 7 ; Minimum value: 1
        conn_timeout: 7
        # Check for notifications every ___ minutes
        # Default: 3 ; Minimum value: 2
        check_every: 3
        # Show notification for ___ seconds
        # Default: 7 ; Minimum value: 2
        notif_timeout: 7
        # Maximum number of notifications to show at a time, of individual clients.
        # Default: 2
        # Note: Value of -1 will show all notifications; it may clutter your workspace.
        notif_max_show: 2

                # *Environment variable* which holds your github username
                # Default: GH_UNAME
                username: GH_UNAME
                # *Environment variable* which holds a personal access token for authentication
                # Default: GH_TOKEN
                token: GH_TOKEN

Project details

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