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A simple dotfiles manager. Uses symlinks and a git repo.

Project description


Central management of your personal configs using a git repository and symlinks.


Install the client:

pip install tod

Point to your configuration repo:

# Environment variables will be expanded.
export TOD_FILE_REPO='/path/to/your/repo'

Config Repo Layout

The Config Repo format is as follows:

Root Config Directory
├── files
│   ├── file_a
│   ├── ...
│   └── file_z
└── mapping.ini

The mapping.ini file maps configs from the files directory to their installation path. Currently everything lives under a default section, and all mappings are of the form CONFIG_FILE: INSTALL_PATH. An example config is shown below. It would map $REPO/files/vimrc to ~/.vimrc, and REPO/files/tmux.conf to ~/.tmux.conf:

vimrc: ~/.vimrc
tmux.conf: ~/.tmux.conf

gitconfig: ~/.gitconfig


See the current status of the of all sections:

tod status

See the current status of a single section:

tod status -s SECTION

Link a single config into the system:

tod link -S SECTION -n NAME

Link a single section into the system:

tod link -s SECTION -a

Link all sections into the system:

tod link -a

Unlink a single config from the system:

tod unlink -s SECTION -n NAME

Unlink a all sections from the system:

tod unlink -a


  • Add section inheritance
    • example: [osx] inherits all of [vim], [git], and [zsh]

  • Add more helpers to initiliaze a system quickly
    • tod init -g GIT_URI -s SECTION would clone the specified git repo then link the specified section into the system.

  • Force linking.
    • move the conflicting files to a backup location, then link as needed.

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