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Official Python SDK for the Todoist REST API.

Project description

Todoist API Python Client

This is the official Python API client for the Todoist REST API.


The repository can be included as a Poetry dependency in pyproject.toml. It is best to integrate to a release tag to ensure a stable dependency:

todoist-api-python = "^v2.0.0"

Supported Python Versions

Python 3.9 is fully supported and tested, and while it may work with other Python 3 versions, we do not test for them.


An example of initializing the API client and fetching a user's tasks:

from todoist_api_python.api_async import TodoistAPIAsync
from todoist_api_python.api import TodoistAPI

# Fetch tasks asynchronously
async def get_tasks_async():
    api = TodoistAPIAsync("YOURTOKEN")
        tasks = await api.get_tasks()
    except Exception as error:

# Fetch tasks synchronously
def get_tasks_sync():
    api = TodoistAPI("my token")
        tasks = api.get_tasks()
    except Exception as error:


For more detailed reference documentation, have a look at the API documentation with Python examples.


To install Python dependencies:

$ poetry install

To install pre-commit:

$ poetry run pre-commit install

You can try your changes via REPL by running:

$ poetry run python

You can then import the library as described in Usage without having to create a file. If you decide to use TodoistAPIAsync, please keep in mind that you have to import asyncio and run to make your async methods run as expected.


This API client is public, and available in a PyPI repository.

A new update is automatically released by GitHub Actions, by creating a release with a tag in the format vX.Y.Z (v<Major>.<Minor>.<Patch>).

Users of the API client can then update to the new version in their pyproject.toml file.


Any feedback, such as bugs, questions, comments, etc. can be reported as Issues in this repository, and will be handled by Doist.


We would love contributions in the form of Pull requests in this repository.

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