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RESTful API token management utility

Project description

# tokenbox
RESTful API token management utility

### Description
RESTful APIs require you to manage and refresh authorization tokens. When starting out with a new API, you don't really want to mess with that stuff; you just want the tokens to go somewhere you can get them whenever you need them and ignore them the rest of the time. `tokenbox` is designed to facilitate putting them somewhere, like a nice neat little box in the corner.

Tokenbox will ensure that there is only 1 row in any database that it manages, so you don't need to worry about databases taking up unnecessary disk space.

With no configuration, `tokenbox` is capable of generating SQLite databases. Here is a description the arguments that an instance of TokenBox expects from ``

* `db_user (string)`: user of db login role (must be capable of creating a PG database)
* `db_password (string)`: password of db login role
* `db_name (string)`: name of database to be created/managed
* `use_sqlite (bool)`: whether or not to use sqlite
* `metadata (sqlalchemy.MetaData)`: metadata used in table definitions
* `kwargs (sqlalchemy.Table)`: names of Tables and corresponding definitions

Below is an example of creating an SQLite database for multiple tokens. These tables were designed for use with the Bullhorn api.

from sqlalchemy import Table, MetaData, Column, Integer, String
from tokenbox import TokenBox

metadata = MetaData()

table_definitions = {
"login_token": Table("login_token", metadata,
# primary key must be in the format '{table_name}_pk`
Column("login_token_pk", Integer, primary_key=True),
Column('access_token', String(45), nullable=False),
Column('expires_in', Integer, nullable=False),
Column('refresh_token', String(45), nullable=False),
Column('token_type', String(45), nullable=False),
Column('expiry', Integer, nullable=False),
"access_token": Table("access_token", metadata,
# primary key must be in the format '{table_name}_pk`
Column("access_token_pk", Integer, primary_key=True),
Column('rest_token', String(45), nullable=False),
Column('rest_url', String(60), nullable=False)

use_sqlite = True

tokenbox = TokenBox('db_user', 'db_pass', 'tokenbox_test', use_sqlite, metadata, **table_definitions)
# Creates a database corresponding to the arguments passed during TokenBox initialization
# Updates (or inserts) the row into the 'login_token' table (there can only be one row!)
tokenbox.update_token('login_token', access_token="12341234123asdfasdf4", expires_in=300,
refresh_token="asdfkk23784987123khjga", token_type="login", expiry=12312312)
# Updates (or inserts) the row into the 'access_token' table (there can only be one row!)
tokenbox.update_token('access_token', rest_token="12341234123asdfasdf4", rest_url="asdfkk23784987123khjga")
# Gets the row from the 'login_token' table (there's only one row in storage!)
login_token = tokenbox.get_token('login_token')
# Gets the row from the 'access_token' table (there's only one row in storage!)
access_token = tokenbox.get_token('access_token')


[('login_token_pk', 1), ('access_token', '12341234123asdfasdf4'), ('expires_in', 300), ('refresh_token', 'asdfkk23784987123khjga'), ('token_type', 'login'), ('expiry', 12312312)]
[('access_token_pk', 1), ('rest_token', '12341234123asdfasdf4'), ('rest_url', 'asdfkk23784987123khjga')]
This will destroy the database named tokenbox_test. Perform Keyboard Interrupt to abort.
tokenbox_test dropped successfully.

Hope this does you some good!

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