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tomaty is a pomodoro program featuring a GUI and tracking system

Project description


“you say tomato, I say stop wasting my time with lame python portmanteaus”

tomaty is a pomodoro app featuring basic stats tracking and notifications with many more features on the way.


the primary motivation for yet another pomodoro app was that none of the others I could find were:
  1. native

  2. not an electron app

  3. simple but feature robust (flexible for user preferences)


while tomaty’s current release is limited in features, i’m already working hard on another major release.

the following features should be available in the coming 2.0.0 release:
  1. To-Do list

  2. basic settings page for user configuration

  3. setting: continuous mode

  4. setting: pausing (rather than resetting)

  5. setting: dark theme

  6. and more!

If you would like to see how things are going, checkout the project page for tomaty v2.


please do!

there are plenty of open issues i’ve created for enhancing tomaty. just let me know if you are working on one so i can prioritize my time elsewhere on the project.



this is a python3 project. please use python3.

tomaty is built with Gtk using python’s pyGObject bindings, gi.

the docs there have instructions for essentially all major operating systems , please use them!


  1. (preferably) create a virtual environment

  2. using pip: pip install tomaty

if you get errors about user privileges, particularly on linux or mac, try pip install --user tomaty. avoid using sudo whenever possible in terms of install pip packages.

To update, simply pip install --upgrade tomaty. Be sure to do this often, I am constantly adding enhancements and patching bugs 🐛.


  1. install the version you want from github

  2. enter the directory of your local clone

  3. using pip: pip install -e .

Assuming you are tracking master, a simple git pull origin master will do for updates.


if you have problems installing and or getting a development setup going, please let me know in the issues and i can try to help. for mac users, checkout gabby’s comments to see if they help you.


some friend(s) of mine have already started porting this project to other languages. you should check them out!

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