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Topogram - geo-network mapping.

Project description

# Topogram Python API Client

![Read The Docs Build](

A python lib to communicate with Topogram

## How it works

from topogram-python-client import TopogramAPIClient

topogram = TopogramAPIClient("http://localhost:3000")

# create a new network

## Documentation

Read the docs at [](

## Install

git clone
cd topogram-api-client
python install

## Example

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from topogram_client import TopogramAPIClient
from random import randint

# credentials
TOPOGRAM_URL = "" # http://localhost:3000
USER = ""
PASSWORD = "password"

# data
my_edges = []

my_nodes = [{
"id": i,
"name" : "Node %s"%i
} for i in range(0,NODES_COUNT)]

for n in range(0,EDGES_COUNT):
src = randint(0,NODES_COUNT)
tgt = randint(0,NODES_COUNT)
edge = {
"source" : src,
"target" : tgt,
"weight" : 5,
"name" : "Edge from %s to %s"%(src, tgt)

# connect to the topogram instance
topogram = TopogramAPIClient(TOPOGRAM_URL)

# create a new user
topogram.create_user(USER, PASSWORD)

# login a new user if needed
topogram.user_login(USER, PASSWORD)

def create_topogram(title, nodes, edges):

print "Creating topogram '%s'"%title

r = topogram.create_topogram(title)
print r["message"]
topogram_ID = r["data"][0]["_id"]

# get and backup existing nodes and edges
existing_nodes = topogram.get_nodes(topogram_ID)["data"]
existing_edges = topogram.get_edges(topogram_ID)["data"]

# clear existing graph
topogram.delete_nodes([n["_id"] for n in existing_nodes])
print "nodes deleted"
topogram.delete_edges([n["_id"] for n in existing_edges])
print "edges deleted"

r = topogram.create_nodes(topogram_ID, nodes)
print "%s nodes created."%len(r["data"])
r = topogram.create_edges(topogram_ID, edges)
print "%s edges created."%len(r["data"])

print "done. Topogram has been updated. Check it at %s/topograms/%s/view"%(TOPOGRAM_URL, topogram_ID)

create_topogram("Test", my_nodes, my_edges)

## command-line


## tests

You will need to run a test instance of [Topogram]( with a different DB on the 3030 port.

export MONGO_URL=mongodb://localhost:27017/test_topogram; meteor --port 3030

Install the dev dependencies

pip install -r dev_requirements.txt

Then you can run the tests

nosetests --rednose tests

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