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Semi-supervised Adaptive Learning Across Domains

Project description

🥗 salad

**S**\ emi-supervised **A**\ daptive **L**\ earning **A**\ cross **D**\ omains

.. figure:: img/domainshift.png

``salad`` is a library to easily setup experiments using the current
state-of-the art techniques in domain adaptation. It features several of
recent approaches, with the goal of being able to run fair comparisons
between algorithms and transfer them to real-world use cases. The
toolbox is under active development and will extended when new
approaches are published.

Contribute on Github: ``_

Currently implements the following techniques (in ``salad.solver``)

- VADA (``VADASolver``),
`arxiv:1802.08735 <>`__
- DIRT-T (``DIRTTSolver``),
`arxiv:1802.08735 <>`__
- Self-Ensembling for Visual Domain Adaptation
`arxiv:1706.05208 <>`__
- Associative Domain Adaptation (``AssociativeSolver``),
`arxiv:1708.00938 <>`__
- Domain Adversarial Training (``DANNSolver``),
`jmlr:v17/15-239.html <>`__
- Generalizing Across Domains via Cross-Gradient Training
`arxiv:1708.00938 <>`__
- Adversarial Dropout Regularization (``AdversarialDropoutSolver``),
` <>`__

Implements the following features (in ``salad.layers``):

- Weights Ensembling using Exponential Moving Averages or Stored
- WalkerLoss and Visit Loss
(`arxiv:1708.00938 <>`__)
- Virtual Adversarial Training
(`arxiv:1704.03976 <>`__)

Coming soon:

- Deep Joint Optimal Transport (``DJDOTSolver``),
`arxiv:1803.10081 <>`__
- Translation based approaches

📊 Benchmarking Results

One of salad's purposes is to constantly track the state of the art of a variety of domain
adaptation algorithms. The latest results can be reproduced by the files in the ``scripts/``

.. figure:: img/benchmarks.svg

💻 Installation

Requirements can be found in ``requirement.txt`` and can be installed

.. code:: bash

pip install -r requirements.txt

Install the package via

.. code:: bash

pip install torch-salad

For the latest development version, install via

.. code:: bash

pip install git+

📚 Using this library

Along with the implementation of domain adaptation routines, this
library comprises code to easily set up deep learning experiments in

This section will be extended upon pre-release.

Quick Start

To get started, the ``scripts/`` directory contains several python scripts
for both running replication studies on digit benchmarks and studies on
a different dataset (toy example: adaptation to noisy images).

.. code:: bash

$ cd scripts
$ python --log ./log --teach --source svhn --target mnist

Refer to the help pages for all options:

.. code::

usage: [-h] [--gpu GPU] [--cpu] [--njobs NJOBS] [--log LOG]
[--epochs EPOCHS] [--checkpoint CHECKPOINT]
[--learningrate LEARNINGRATE] [--dryrun]
[--source {mnist,svhn,usps,synth,synth-small}]
[--target {mnist,svhn,usps,synth,synth-small}]
[--sourcebatch SOURCEBATCH] [--targetbatch TARGETBATCH]
[--seed SEED] [--print] [--null] [--adv] [--vada]
[--dann] [--assoc] [--coral] [--teach]

Domain Adaptation Comparision and Reproduction Study

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--gpu GPU Specify GPU
--cpu Use CPU Training
--njobs NJOBS Number of processes per dataloader
--log LOG Log directory. Will be created if non-existing
--epochs EPOCHS Number of Epochs (Full passes through the unsupervised
training set)
--checkpoint CHECKPOINT
Checkpoint path
--learningrate LEARNINGRATE
Learning rate for Adam. Defaults to Karpathy's
constant ;-)
--dryrun Perform a test run, without actually training a
--source {mnist,svhn,usps,synth,synth-small}
Source Dataset. Choose mnist or svhn
--target {mnist,svhn,usps,synth,synth-small}
Target Dataset. Choose mnist or svhn
--sourcebatch SOURCEBATCH
Batch size of Source
--targetbatch TARGETBATCH
Batch size of Target
--seed SEED Random Seed
--adv Train a model with Adversarial Domain Regularization
--vada Train a model with Virtual Adversarial Domain
--dann Train a model with Domain Adversarial Training
--assoc Train a model with Associative Domain Adaptation
--coral Train a model with Deep Correlation Alignment
--teach Train a model with Self-Ensembling

Reasons for using solver abstractions

The chosen abstraction style organizes experiments into a subclass of

Quickstart: MNIST Experiment

As a quick MNIST experiment:

.. code:: python

from salad.solvers import Solver

class MNISTSolver(Solver):

def __init__(self, model, dataset, **kwargs):

self.model = model
super().__init__(dataset, **kwargs)

def _init_optims(self, lr = 1e-4, **kwargs):

opt = torch.optim.Adam(self.model.parameters(), lr = lr)

def _init_losses(self):

For a simple tasks as MNIST, the code is quite long compared to other
PyTorch examples `TODO <#>`__.

💡 Domain Adaptation Problems

Legend: Implemented (✓), Under Construction (🚧)

📷 Vision

- Digits: MNIST ↔ SVHN ↔ USPS ↔ SYNTH (✓)
- `VisDA 2018 Openset and Detection <>`__
- Synthetic (GAN) ↔ Real (🚧)
- CIFAR ↔ STL (🚧)
- ImageNet to
`iCubWorld <>`__ (🚧)

🎤 Audio

- `Mozilla Common Voice Dataset <>`__ (🚧)

፨ Neuroscience

- White Noise ↔ Gratings ↔ Natural Images (🚧)
- `Deep Lab Cut Tracking <>`__ (🚧)

🔗 References to open source software

Part of the code in this repository is inspired or borrowed from
original implementations, especially:


Excellent list of domain adaptation ressources: -

👤 Contact

Maintained by `Steffen Schneider <>`__. Work is part
of my thesis project at the `Bethge Lab <>`__. This
README is also available as a webpage at
` <>`__. We
welcome issues and pull requests `to the official github
repository <>`__.

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