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Flexible, extensible Web CMS framework built on Tornado,compatible with Python 3.7 and above.

Project description


Checking torcms with pylint using default configuration (Under Debian 11.0), gets score greater than 8.9.


Flexible, extensible web CMS framework built on Tornado and Peewee, compatible with Python 3.7 and above. Using PostgreSQL with JSON extension as the database( postgresql-server >= 11.0 ).

pypi: The kernel of this CMS has been submit to pypi. . Could be installed via:

pip3 install torcms


  • Build on Tornado, only with Web features, which made it is simple to use.

  • Markdown editor, make your HTML clean and clear.

  • Carefull desinged model for conents. Post, Info, Page, Wiki as default.

  • User roles for editing.

  • Full text search with Whoosh.

  • PostgreSQL 9.4 above, with JSONB, which makes the framework extensible.

  • Using XLXS, could be parsed by openpyxl, to define the schema of the database.

  • Access database via Peewee.

  • SASS sub-project for Style.

  • Last version of JQuery. And, Bootstrap as the default CSS framework.



Pull the codes.

git clone

Requirement for the System

Under Debian/Ubuntu

$ sudo apt install -y postgresql postgresql-contrib redis-server

Create the Database

Create the database, and user in PostgreSQL. The information should be used in the file. And, create hstore extension in the database.

\set dbname torcms
CREATE USER :dbname WITH PASSWORD '111111' ;
CREATE DATABASE :dbname OWNER :dbname ;
\c :dbname ;
create extension hstore;

For Python

You should be under Python 3.4 or Python 3.5.

Install libs for Python 3.4 or 3.5,

cd TorCMS
pip3 install -r doc/requirements.txt

For Deiban/Ubutnu

If you are to use Python of OS system directly, install libs as:

sudo apt isntall -y python3-tornado python3-requests python3-openpyxl python3-markdown python3-htmlmin

How to Run

Get the HTML for modules

$ cd TorCMS
$ git clone --depth=1 static/f2elib

or using the same f2elib via Gitee:

$ git clone --depth=1 static/f2elib

Edit the configiure.

$ cd TorCMS/
$ cp

And, edit the file.

DB_CFG = {
    'db': 'torcms',
    'user': 'torcms',
    'pass': '111111',

    'name': 'TorCMS',
    'host': "",
    'user': "",
    'pass': "",
    'postfix': '',

    'site_url': '',
    'cookie_secret': '123456',
    'DEBUG': False

The DB_CFG defines the items used for PostgreSQL.

Modify the meta information of the web application.

Modify the file in TorCMS/database/meta.

  • doc_catalog.yaml , which define the catalog of post.

  • info_tags.xlsx , which define the catalog of info.


python3 -i init

it will

  • initialize the PostgreSQL schema.

  • initialize the metadata in database.

  • the whoosh database would be initialized.


Run the web application,

python3 8088

Open web brower and navigate to .

The port should as be defined in .

Enjoy it!

Helper Script

There are some helper scripts used in the programe.

Run the following command to list the different scripts:

python3 -h

Run the scripts with the -i switcher, we have used init to do something for initialization.

  • migrate : for database schema change.

  • edit_diff : send email for modification of the posts and pages.

  • sitemap : would generate the sitemap for posts and pages.

  • check_kind : to check if the kind of post is right.

  • check : generate the picture for the relationship of templates. For example:

python3 -i check templates/theme

would generate the picture for the relationship of the template files.

Unit Tests

First you should install pytest, coverage and pytest-cov with pip ,

pip3 install pytest pytest-cov coverage

then run as follow:

python3 -m pytest tester --cov=./tester --cov-report=html

Build the API documents

under TorCMS

sphinx-apidoc -F -o api_doc torcms

Editing api_doc/ Add the following line after import sys.

sys.path.insert(0, os.path.abspath('../'))

That’s OK. then generate the HTML documents. Under TorCMS:

sphinx-build -b html api_doc api_html

Publish to PyPi

First, build the distribution.

python sdist

Then, upload to the website.

twine upload dist/torcms-version.tar.gz


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