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Asynchronous XML-RPC and FastPRC client for Python's Tornado

Project description


tornado-fastrpc is deprecated, for XML-RPC use instead of this library. async-rpc is based on asyncio, so it is not only for Tornado, but for asyncio in generral. Do you need FastRPC? Create an issue, I have library for FastRPC too, but it has not been published yet. However, I thint, it never mind, probably nobody outsite use FastRPC :-).


Non-blocking XML-RPC and FastRPC (see client for Python’s Tornado. If FastRPC is not available, only XML-RPC protocol will be supported. Python 2.7 and Python 3.4 (or higher) are supported.



  • pycurl

  • Tornado 3.2 or higher

Optional requirements:

  • fastrpc (libfastrpc + fastrpc Python’s module)

Instalation and tests:

python install
python test

Build Debian Jessie package (requires dpkg-buildpackage + lintian and dependencies in Build-Depends option in debian/control file. Before building package, checkout debian-* branch.

python bdist_deb


proxy = ServerProxy('',

class BazHandler(tornado.web.RequestHandler):

    def get(self):
            res = yield proxy.getData(123)
        except Exception as e:
            self.write('Error: {}'.format(e))
            self.write('Data: {}'.format(res.value))

class BarHandler(tornado.web.RequestHandler):

    def get(self):
        res = yield proxy.getData(123, quiet=True)
        if res.success:
            self.write('Data: {}'.format(res.value))
            self.write('Error: {}'.format(res.exception))


ServerProxy class

class tornado_fastrpc.client.ServerProxy(uri, connect_timeout=5.0, timeout=5.0, use_binary=False, user_agent=None, keep_alive=False, use_http10=True, http_proxy=None, max_clients=10)

Async FastRPC client for Tornado, tt uses pycurl backend. Manages communication with a remote RPC server.

  • url <string>

    URL address

  • connect_timeout <float>

    Timeout for initial connection in seconds

  • request_timeout <float>

    Timeout for entire request in seconds

  • use_binary <bool>

    Force binary protocol

  • user_agent <string>

    User-Agent string

  • keep_alive <bool>

    Allow keep-alive connection

  • use_http10 <bool>

    Force HTTP/1.0 protocol instead of HTTP/1.1

  • http_proxy <string>

    HTTP proxy, eg.

  • max_clients <int>

    Size of the Curl’s connection pool

Result object

class tornado_fastrpc.client.Result(success, value, exception)

Return type for FastRPC call. Contains attributes:

  • success <bool>

    True if operation succeeded, else False

  • value

    contains returning value if operation succeeded, else None

  • exception <bool>

    contains instance of the exception if operation failed, else None

Fault object

class tornado_fastrpc.client.Fault(faultCode, faultString)

Exception, indicates an XML-RPC error.

  • faultCode <string>

    Error code

  • faultString <string>

    Error message


3-clause BSD

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