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Tornado IOLoop implementation with pyuv

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tornaduv is a Tornado IOLoop implementation which uses pyuv as the networking library instead of the builtin epoll and kqueue pollers included in Tornado.

pyuv is a Python interface for libuv, a high performance asynchronous networking library used as the platform layer for NodeJS.


tornaduv requires pyuv >= 1.0.0 and Tornado >= 3.0.

pip install git+

NOTE: If you are using Tornado 2.4.x you need to use the ‘tornado24’ branch or the 0.2.x versions of tornaduv.

Using it

In order to use tornaduv, Tornado needs to be instructed to use our IOLoop. In order to do that add the following lines at the beginning of your project:

from tornado.ioloop import IOLoop
from tornaduv import UVLoop


If you want to run the Tornado test suite using tornaduv run the following command:

python -m tornado.test.runtests --ioloop='tornaduv.UVLoop' --verbose


Saúl Ibarra Corretgé <>


tornaduv uses the MIT license, check LICENSE file.

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