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Quick n' dirty torrent streaming with libtorrent and python

Project description


Libtorrent made easy

This is pythonic high-level libtorrent API, inspired on the for-humans trend set by Kenneth Reitz (

TorrentStream is centered around the principle of streaming a torrent (sequential download, buffering and playing).

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TorrentStream exposes a CLI command, intended as an example usage.


Torrent objects are context managers that can clean up torrent content after you finish using them.

add_torrent method of a TorrentSession returns a Torrent object, thus can be used directly as a context manager.

async def stream_torrent(hash_torrent):
    session = TorrentSession()

    # By default this will cleanup torrent contents after playing
    with session.add_torrent(magnet_link=hash_torrent, remove_after=True) as torrent:
        # Force sequential mode

        # Wait for torrent to be started
        await torrent.wait_for('started')

        # Get first match of a media file
            media = next(a for a in torrent
                         if a.is_media and not 'sample' in a.path.lower())
        except StopIteration:
            raise Exception('Could not find a playable source')

        with timeout(5 * 60):  # Abort if we can't fill 5% in 5 minutes
            await media.wait_for_completion(5)

        return await asyncio.gather(media.wait_for_completion(100),

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